An epic journey puts hiking boots to the test -

If you’re looking for inspiration on a dreary January day then take 5 minutes to visit the blog of Profeet Ambassador, Alastair Humphreys.



Alastair has earned himself the title of National Geographic Adventurer of the Year – the result of his many self-motivated expeditions and challenges. His CV features more countries and sporting expositions than most of the Profeet staff put together and believe me we’ve had a journey or too. A short scan over his website is enough to set anyone off on a dream of trekking in faraway places.


The Empty Quarter

Accompanied by Leon McCarron, Alastair’s latest adventure has taken him on a personal misson across the desert inspired by the writings of one Thesiger in his travelogue, Arabian Sands. Alastair completed the epic 1000 mile trek in a pair of Profeet custom fitted walking boots: we like to think we put our products through their paces!

The Empty Quarter Expedition will eventually be released as documentary, but in the meantime you can escape into another world at


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