Why do my feet get cold in my ski boots? -

Janine Winter, the Profeet ski manager, answers this key question:  ‘Why do my feet get cold in my ski boots?’

Cold feet can ruin a day’s skiing


There is nothing worse than suffering the pain of cold feet when skiing.  It can ruin an amazing day’s skiing if all you are doing is counting down the time until it’s over.


When the temperature drops blood vessels constrict to redirect blood away from the hands and feet and towards the heart, keeping our core warm.

Women suffer more than men


This is actually worse for women than men, which is why women’s ski boot liners tend to have more insulation in the liner compared with men’s.  One of the warmest unisex ski boot liners on the market is an Intuition, and there are various styles to fit all shells.


Intuition ski boot liner


Don’t over-tighten the instep buckle


Initially there are a few important checks to ensure there’s optimum blood flow to the foot. It is important to have enough height over your instep or circulation within your foot will be constricted.


Fastening the instep buckle too tightly will also cut off circulation: this buckle should have very little tension.


It is normal for your toes to contact the front of the boot, but they shouldn’t be squashed or crammed as you do need air space to stay warm.


Custom footbeds are really important at stabilising the whole foot and improving circulation to the toes.

custom footbeds

Wear the right socks


Sock choice is very important and makes a huge difference. Good ski socks are made of materials such as merino wool which breathe well and wick moisture away from the foot.


If the sock is too thick it takes up too much volume in the boot, cutting off circulation and eliminating air space, which then has the opposite effect. Conversely, tests have proven that you will actually stay warmer in a thinner sock.

Drying the boots out at night with a boot dryer ensures the toe box of the liner completely dries out so that when you put your boots on the next morning, you’re not starting with damp, soggy toes.


Is it time for ski boot heaters?


If you’ve done everything you can to ensure good blood flow and your feet still get cold, then it’s time for boot heaters.  Since installing heaters into my boots, I can’t imagine ever skiing without them!


The Sidas Pro Set are a great option as they keep you warm all day long.


The heating element is installed directly into your footbeds under the toes.  They come with a nice slim battery pack which easily attaches to the power strap and just needs charging at night.

Profeet Boot Lab


For help with your ski boots, including custom footbeds, ski boot liners and ski boot heaters, please contact the Profeet Ski Lab team.

A version of this article originally appeared in Fall Line Magazine, where our ski manager Janine writes their ‘Boot Doctor’ column.

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