An update from freestyle skier and Profeet Ambassador, Haydyn Fiori

Haydyn has been a regular visitor to Profeet since we helped him overcome an injury.

We caught up with Haydyn to find out more about him.

Since that first assessment I have been making that trip a few times a year, as I would not trust anybody else with my feet.”

Hayden Fiori – freestyle skier & Profeet ambassador

I am 16 years old and a freestyle skier. I started skiing at the age of 6 after a family trip to Lapland where

I had my first lesson. I then joined a kids club at Snozone Castleford on Saturday morning where I started to progress and was exposed to freestyle skiing, which I enjoyed and it became my main focus. I started competing in Slopestyle which is a combination of rails, boxes and jumps when I was 10. Since then I have skied most weeks and competed in Europe as well as back here in the UK.

My relationship with Profeet came about after I suffered a partial MCL tear in 2013 and it was suggest by the consultants treating me that I should seek professional ski boot fitting for my return to skiing to ensure that my gait and feet/knee alignment was correct for me, and Profeet was recommended. This resulted in a long drive from Doncaster with my parents for an assessment and fitting.

Since that first assessment I have been making that trip a few times a year, as I would not trust anybody else with my feet. Especially since I now understand the connection between the snow through the ski to the boot and feet as I need to feel what is going on underneath me at all times to perform at my best.

Going forward over the next few years I intend to focus on both disciplines, as at the moment they both give me equal pleasure and I want to see where each discipline takes me.

Over the last few years I have become interested in Freeride skiing as I like the personal challenge it give me and I have competed in the Junior Freeride World Tour on several occasions with a few top 15 results in the 2 star events and a 14th place in a 3 star event.

Off the slopes I like to climb and when injuries allow, train in mixed martial arts.


  • Placing first in age group in the 2009 British Indoor Mogul championships and 9th overall
  • Becoming a Snozone Sponsored rider and representing Snozone since 2010
  • Being selected to join the UK Salomon Freeski team in 2010
  • Being continuously selected to Ski for England Park and Pipe team since 2012
  • 2012 British Under 16 Big Air Champion
  • 2013 British and English Kids Slopestyle Champion
  • Being on Blue Peter
  • Achieving my 2nd Degree Blackbelt
  • Winning the 2014 British 16 under Slopestyle Championships in Tignes and placing 2nd overall, becoming the youngest ever to podium in the men’s overall category
  • Standing in the starting gate for my first World Freeride Junior Tour competition.


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