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Free Lite Analysis in April 2023

Running shoes vary in fit from manufacturer to manufacturer including sizing, length, width, volume and degrees of support, stability and flexibility.

A poorly fitting shoe can lead to rubbing, blisters and even lost toenails! The wrong kind of support can lead to biomechanical issues, muscles strains and injuries. It’s really worth making sure you’re in the right footwear to avoid discomfort and frustration.

So how do you know which shoe is right shoe for you?
Now’s your chance to find out – FREE OF CHARGE!

Try Profeet’s Lite Analysis service FREE* (usual price £29.95)
*We’re offering our Lite Analysis service FREE  when you buy shoes, for the duration of April 2023. This 20-minute, one-to-one appointment with one of our skilled technicians includes a visual assessment and video gait analysis of the lower legs and feet. We measure your feet length and width properly, assess your foot type e.g. flat feet or high arch, and note any anomalies such as bunions, bone spurs and hammer toes that can affect fit.

Video Gait Analysis
Using HD video as you run on the treadmill allows us to see your gait pattern in real time. Slowing down the video playback clearly highlights issues such as:

  • Pronation (ankles rolling in)
  • Supination (ankles rolling out )
  • Forefoot, midfoot or heel strike preference
  • Other anomalies in your gait pattern

Our technicians are highly experienced and accustomed to seeing all kinds of gait patterns and will know which kinds of shoes will best fit and work with your foot type and running style.

Try a targeted selection of shoes on the treadmill
You’ll be offered a choice of appropriate shoes to try on the treadmill, to enable you to make an informed decision.

Wearing the right shoes for you will help you to avoid blisters and muscle strains, to run better and overall to enjoy your sports more.

To book your FREE Analysis Lite* appointment call 020 7736 0046 or email

*N.B. Offer applies with shoe purchase until the end of 30th April 2023.



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