An evening with Physio Remedies -

We recently welcomed the team from Physio Remedies into the Lab for an evening of discussion and ideas sharing.

At Profeet we continuously look for ways to improve our service, and value the opportunity to exchange knowledge with other skilled practitioners.

The Profeet Fit Way

Profeet Podiatrist, Paul, delivered an educational seminar on biomechanics and footwear, the key principles at the heart of ‘The Profeet Fit Way’. This is a distillation of our techniques and tips for selecting the right footwear, plus illustrates how biomechanical analysis and our signature custom insoles can bring benefits to those struggling with issues or injuries. It might be as an enhancement to comfort and performance, which makes playing sports more enjoyable and rewarding, to help prevent injury, or as part of a rehabilitation programme.

The Physio Remedies Approach

Similarly, the Physio Remedies team were able to share learnings from their practice, where they regularly treat runners and sports people of all disciplines. They have a similar ethos to Profeet and take a holistic view of injuries and physical problem to quickly get to the root of the problem. Something that we think our customers will appreciate.

At Physio Remedies we do a whole lot of analysis, assessment, and question-asking to figure out the best way to treat you. We look at your entire body (not just what’s hurting), discuss your lifestyle and habits, and come up with a recovery programme that fits in with your lifestyle.”

Specialist treatment

Physio Remedies team members specialise in different areas of the body to bring expert attention to specific needs, whether it’s a hip & groin, knee, or foot & ankle injury you’re nursing.

A good fit!

We can see how Profeet clients could benefit from Physio Remedies’ approach. Inevitably active people are more likely to encounter an injury than sedentary people. Plus it is better to address a problem than to ignore it – risking further injury or allow it to restrict what you enjoy doing most. Afterall, carrying an injury, muscle strain or experiencing pain puts a damper on most sports. So, taking a proactive step to have physiotherapy, especially sports-specific therapy, reaps rewards protecting your body for the long game.

In return, the Physio Remedies team could appreciate the importance of selecting the right footwear, e.g. the difference between neutral and stability shoes, plus the role of insoles in helping their clients to heal and avoid future injuries.

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