How can I stop my heel lifting in my ski boots? -

This article first appeared in Fall Line Magazine, where Profeet Ski Lab manager, Janine Winter, is the resident boot doctor:

Q: ‘How can I stop my heel lifting in my ski boots? No matter how tightly I buckle them, it doesn’t seem to make a difference…’


The good news is ‘YES’ there are lots of ways we can solve heel lift in ski boots, we just need to determine why it’s happening to come up with the best possible solution.


Heel lift is one of the most common boot fitting issues we see at the Profeet Ski Lab.


There are typically three reasons for this:


1. The boot may be too big and the boot liner could be wearing out

2. You may have a lack of dorsiflexion (ankle flexion)

3. You may just have that super skinny, narrow heel that is a problem in all boots


If you don’t fix the problem you’ll certainly have issues controlling the ski and will end up working that much harder, which tends to mean by the end of the day you’re completely exhausted!


Another consequence is that skiers sometimes buckle their boots so tight to try and secure the foot that they actually end up compressing the nerves and cutting off circulation.


  1. The boot is simply too big…


If you’re in a situation where you have bought a boot too big or you have packed your liner out, as a temporary solution until you replace the boot, we have materials we can add to take up volume and secure the foot.


If the shell is still in good condition then you have the option just to replace the liner with a custom version which will be much more durable.

  1. Limited ankle flexion


If you have a limited amount of ankle flexion because your calf muscles are tight or there is a bony blockage in your ankle, then your heel is likely to lift so you can contact the front of the boot and transfer energy to the ski.


The best solution in this scenario is to add a heel lift to the boot to fill the gap under your heel and so keep you in contact with the base of the boot.  This also helps alleviate pressure in the forefoot.

  1. Super skinny heels


If you have super skinny heels and always have difficulty securing your heel, then you’re best bet is to upgrade to a custom ski boot liner where we can fill the voids around your heel and achilles with foam or cork to firmly secure it.


This will definitely give you the optimum control when skiing!

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