Interview with Georgie Rutherford - Pro Triathlete -

We recently caught up with Pro triathlete and Profeet ambassador Georgie Rutherford to find out more about her recent results, training and plans for this triathlon season.

You recently finished 15th at Ironman 70.3 Majorca – how did the race go for you and were you happy with your result? 


Mallorca Ironman 70.3 is one of my favourite races on the European circuit. The course is a stunning 1.9km sea swim, a 90km bike course which has a great mix of terrain and the flat 21km, multi lap run course is one of the best for crowd support.


The race conditions were hot and there was a headwind for the final 15 miles on the bike. Although it was my first race of the season, I have mixed feelings about how it went. I would have liked to place higher, but I have only just started quality consistent training so there are lots of positives and I am looking forward to building on this race.

This is your third season as a Pro athlete – how did you find the jump from Age Group racing?  


It’s like starting the sport all over again. I have been a triathlete for 10 years by combining consistent training with full time employment and worked my way to good results without spending much time thinking about equipment, prioritising my recovery or my nutrition (before, during and after training and racing.)


But to be competitive as a Pro and racing against people who have been 100% committed to triathlon for years, I need to fine tune every aspect of lifestyle as well as training and leave no stone unturned.  The women that podium are the ones that have believed in themselves and fine-tuned their racing tactics and skills in areas such as their use of equipment and fuelling. At this level it’s the small details that count.


Your competitors are continually pushing the boundaries and it is your job to act professionally all the time.  I feel as though I am starting an entirely new triathlon journey and sometimes wish I had done it sooner.


What advice could you offer to an aspiring triathlete who is thinking of making the step up from age group racing to Pro level? 


I would suggest you only do it if and when you dominate on the World Age Group stage. Ensure you have a great support team around you (including coach, physio and athletes to train with) and immerse yourself in an environment which supports your journey. Finally, only do it if you are mentally ready to commit and enjoy the opportunity.


I was performing my best as an age group triathlete on the World stage in 2009 & 2010. I then suffered a bad bike crash at the World Championships and lost confidence and motivation. I took a break to work at the London 2012 Olympics. In hindsight this was probably not the best plan as I was probably my strongest in 2010 but I am patient and I know I am slowly rebuilding my form.

You have consistently established yourself as a professional athlete, but up until this year you also worked – was is frustrating not being able to commit 100% to being an athlete? 


Trying to work full time in the Sports event industry as an Event Director and race as a Pro was exhausting as I worked most weekends delivering events. Trying to do quality training and recovery on top of this finally caught up with me in 2014 – I was running on empty.


I always thought that I could do everything and I did not respect or give myself the chance to be a full time triathlete. I was concerned about building my career and earning a salary so I spent my twenties trying to do everything. I know a lot of other age group triathletes will relate to this, but triathlon, unlike any other sport, has this knack of taking over your life.


I realised I had never given myself a chance to commit 100% to any one thing and after a great conversation with family and friends I knew I was going to take the risk I should have taken years ago.


I am very fortunate to have had the continual support from HUUB Design and Profeet. Some people take a sabbatical and go travelling. I am doing it to get the best out of myself. I have a lot to work on and I love the challenge ahead.

You had a lot of success at standard distance racing before stepping up to Ironman 70.3 – what prompted you to step up to longer distance triathlon? 


As I have got older I have felt stronger and in a position to be able to cope with going longer both mentally and physically. I started to do half ironman events in 2009 as I felt I had better endurance than top end speed required in standard distance racing.


I was never fast enough to be competitive at an elite level in the standard distance (Olympic) events) and as I really enjoy training I wanted a new challenge.


What are your goals for this season? 


To be competitive in all three disciplines in the races. To achieve this I will train consistently with quality training and execute my capabilities on the course. I will race in a mixture of half long distance events building towards my first Ironman later in the year.


What shoes do you run in? 


I have run in Asics since I was 15. I train in Asics GT 2000 and Kayano’s. Since teaming up with Profeet in 2012 I have tested different brands and shoes with less support, but working with the Run Lab team we decided it was best to remain with the Asics GT series.

Best of luck for this season Georgie from the Profeet team!



Interview by Iain Martin


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