How to look after your ski boots this winter -

01: After a day at the slopes dry out your liners

This is important to increase their life as well as make sure they don’t slowly grow mould. Using a boot dryer will help with this, but be cautious with the ones located in hotels and chalets. These can be extremely hot, deform the boot/insole within and ultimately damage it.

02: Once you take your boots off at the end of a day’s skiing or the end of a trip, do ensure you buckle the boots back up properly.

Ensure the tongue is in the right place and buckle the boots to a similar tension with which you would normally wear them. If you don’t re-buckle your boots may warp and the cuff may straighten making it increasingly harder to get in and out of in addition to buckling them up.

03: Check your soles

Keep an eye on the soles of your ski boot. Excessive walking will cause them to wear quickly. If they become too worn it will affect the release settings of the boots in the bindings. Many boots have replaceable toes and heels but if your boots have a solid sole, it may be time for a new pair of boots.

04: Check your screws.

These can wear loose over time, especially the cuff and the cant screws. If you notice a screw coming loose, fasten the appropriate tool or visit a boot fitter who will tighten these up for you.

05: At the end of the season store the boots at a room temperature.

Keeping them away from extreme heat or cold will help elongate the life of the boot and liner.

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