New Professional Gait Analysis Treadmills

Most people probably think that a treadmill is a treadmill and that more bounce equals more shock absorption. But when you are trying to assess someone’s running gait the last thing you want is bounce. What you need is a solid treadmill that allows the runner to run as close to possible as they would on a road or pavement.

This is why gait labs don’t use gym treadmills as they are designed for bounce – but more on that another time. For our new treadmill we also had some additional requirements such as minimum visual interference with our 3D depth sensing cameras for our 3D Pro and 3D sport analysis.

After looking at lots of options we have gone with the best of British and German engineering – the 3D analysis treadmill from Sprintex DE. The 3D version of the Sprintex treadmill has been developed in the UK and takes the basic Sprintex treadmill and both reinforces the chassis for even less twist, while running, and minimizes the visual impact on the 3D depth sensing cameras. Its like AMG for Mercedes and in this case is UK developed by MAR Systems the UK distributor of Sprintex.

The more rigid treadmill was only the start, as after Anna noticed that with a more rigid treadmill made it easier to detect sideways motion of the runner when carrying out a 3D analysis, due to the give in our rubber floor. So the rubber floor had to come out and the floor has been reinforced with sheets of 25mm plywood.

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