New Year Reboot - set your goals and stick to them!
New Year Reboot

As we all know, New Year’s resolutions are often short lived and sometimes sadly ditched barely two weeks into the new gym membership! We may feel motivated initially, by the excesses of Christmas, to hit the New Year with a fresh start… but how do you keep it going?

Here’s a few thoughts from our team, partners and ambassadors who are the pros at setting goals – and attaining them:

1. Set an achievable goal

It’s important to be realistic. If you set the bar too high you increase the risk of failure, so go for something that feels do-able. Then when you reach that you can set the next level and go for that. It’s a process of building form, gaining confidence and appreciating the journey. Each smaller success will give you a boost and propel you on your way to the next step.

2. Partner up with a training buddy

As former Team GB ultrarunner, cyclist, coach (and Profeet ambassador) Robbie Britton reminds us:

Having friends and training partners that challenge you to be better is an extremely valuable thing for anyone. It doesn’t need to be just about racing up hills or around the park but maybe just someone who gets you out training on rainy days.

3. Mix it up

Run, run and run some more if that makes you happy. If you’re starting from scratch, take it easy and build steadily, if you’re building form look for a suitable training plan and try to bring structure to your training. If you’re going for gold and have signed up for an event, then you’ve probably already worked with plans and know how to build form, but if you’ve hit a plateau, we recommend personal coaching with one of our approved partners.

If you’re heading for the snow it’s always a good idea to do the work before you go. Focusing on your lower body and core strength reaps rewards on the slopes. Wall sits, lunges, taking the stairs, hill running anything that get the thighs burning will help.

For everyone
Whatever you do we recommend including some strength and conditioning to ensure that you don’t overwork certain muscles. Pilates and yoga are both great ways to home in on the surrounding muscles to increase flexibility and core strength in those hard-to-reach areas.

4. Address the things that are holding you back

If you’ve set yourself a fitness goal and failed before, can you pinpoint what stopped you from succeeding? Could it be…

Time constraints
Example – Setting a training plan that you can’t meet due to work and family commitments. Answer – better to do less rather than nothing at all. Be realistic about available time and try to create a timetable that you can work to. A 30 minute HIIT session is a great midweek helper that will keep your body ticking over.

Injuries and niggles
Do you find that you keep running into the same problem? Most issues like shin splints and plantar fasciitis can be overcome with a little help. You might need to start with a visit to your GP who can help point you in the right direction. From there you could consider:

5. Mind over matter

More often than not we are our own self-saboteurs. There are some great reads out there to help overcome defeating behaviours. Here’s just a few:

6. Invest in the right kit

Wearing the right footwear sets you up from the ground up. When exercising, your feet often take the brunt of the activity so it makes sense to invest in the best.

Profeet’s 3 step process involves, (1) Analysis – to take a look at how you’re moving and how your feet behave in motion. (2) Custom Insoles – to support and guide the feet with the shoe providing the optimum platform as well as cushioning and propulsion. (3) The correct footwear – all sports shoes are different, but which one is right for your foot? We have the answers.

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We’re with you!

So, here’s just a few ideas to help you on your way and keep you on the right track. We’ll be doing the same thing too. Our ambassadors are lining up events for the year and setting their sights on some exciting challenges.

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