New Season 2019/2020 ski boot review: Nexo LYT RS -

Based off the same shape as the Nexo LYT, the Nexo LYT RS still has that typical Head triangle shape, narrower in the heel and ankle and slightly wider in the forefoot and generous in the toe box, with a medium to tall fitting instep, just 2mm narrower everywhere (98mm last). The Nexo LYT RS is grippy in the achilles and has a snug, close-fitting heel pocket. As a result, the boot has more of a performance feel, with the narrower shell Smart Frame, the power transfer to the ski is increased.

Profeet are stocking the women’s 80 and men’s 120 flexes with the latter coming with Head’s Liquid Fit liner, this provides quick and precise customisation. Factoring for differences between feet and evening out the fit, ensuring that the most crucial area of fit, the heel and ankle are firmly retained.

The LYT series is unsurprisingly light (albeit a few grams heavier than last year), with thinner stronger plastic allowing for greater customisation and FormFit means stretches hold better than ever.

Profeet thoughts: The Nexo LYT RS is a welcome addition to the Head boot line up, fitting that narrower foot well whilst keeping the traditional Head shape, the closer fit does have more of a performance feel and here at Profeet we think it will be a great comparison to Nordica’s Pro Machine and Lange’s RX LV.

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Watch our video outlining our personalised process for ski boot fitting, to make sure that every customer receives the perfect fit.


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