New Season 2019/2020 ski boot review: Head Edge LYT -
Head Edge LYT

The Edge LYT maintains it wide fitting last (102mm) whilst enhancing the fit and performance. The Smart Frame Hi-Top tech, allows for direct contact between the boot’s tongue and shell which allows for immediate energy and power transfer from the skier to the ski whilst maintaining the progressive flex, meaning you do not have to compromise performance for comfort. The easy entry design over the instep of the boot makes putting it on and taking it off easier than ever, something that can be a challenge for those with a higher instep and/or wider foot. The women’s range also features a calf adjustment allowing the calf circumference to be increased eliminating calf pinch this along with a 4% lower cuff height really allows for adaptation to women’s specific morphology.

The thinner plastic not only means the boot is lighter but that it also is easier to stretch and adjust too, furthering its versatility and customisability. Utilizing Graphine infused in PU (plastic), it allows for the perfect balance of performance, comfort and lightweight design.

The liner in the Edge LYT has also had an upgrade, the 130 men’s and 100 women’s come with the Liquid Fit liner which we saw in the Nexo’s last season. It allows for precise and customisation increasing heel and ankle retention, firming up the most crucial area of fit, which allows for discrepancies between feet to be negated, easier than ever.

The Edge LYT still fits that wider foot extremely well and with the upgrades to the shell and liner can be easily adapted better than ever before and incorporating the LYTech gives the added light weight bonus that has not previously been seen in this category. All in all, this is a really great addition to the Head line up cementing the Edge’s place in the wide fitting world of ski boots.

Watch our video outlining our personalised process for ski boot fitting, to make sure that every customer receives the perfect fit.


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