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Many professions involve being on your feet all day…

…just think: doctors and nurses, care home staff, catering such as chefs and waiting staff, air stewards and airport ground employees, retail workers, warehouse staff, postmen and women, hairdressers, beauticians, dentists, teachers, bakers, butchers, personal trainers, traffic wardens, actors and on and on… the list is almost endless.

Over time, this can take its toll leading to foot pain, arch pain, aching legs, sore knees, tired hips and lower back pain. If you’re experiencing any of these, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Foot fatigue even affects those simply commuting to work who are travelling across the capital on buses, trains and tubes, even if they’re deskbound once at their place of work.

Profeet has the solution

We now stock a range of comfortable, supportive, smart and understated black footwear to provide the all-day comfort that you’re looking for. Researched and developed by trusted footwear brand Brooks, they encompass the technology and construction applied to sports footwear, to an everyday shoe. The result is an altogether better experience and much happier feet!



Everyday footwear - comfortable work wear - cure sore feet

A step further – add an insole

If you find that you’d like more enhancement to take comfort to another level, then you could consider adding a pre-designed insole to your shoes. Take a look at the Sidas Cushioning Gel 3d Insoles for flexible softness underfoot.

If you feel you need more structure and stability, try the Superfeet Carbon Everyday Insoles



Sidas Cushioning Gel 3d Insoles

If you’re not sure what you need…

Visit the Profeet Lab for our Lite Fit service. We’ll perform a basic analysis and provide advice about any discomfort you’re experiencing and recommend the right shoes. If you need an off-the-peg insole we can select the best solution for you.

The full service

If you’re struggling along with a specific issue such as plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis, for example, why not book in for our Biomechancial Analysis + Custom Insoles service. This is the gold standard of foot care and a worthwhile investment in your health and wellbeing.

During your 1 hour appointment, our technical staff will examine your feet, stance and walking gait in detail. We measure your feet accurately and gain insights from a dynamic footscan. Then we’ll evaluate the information to prepare custom-made insoles and select the right footwear for you. This custom fitted solution aims to deliver dependable all-day comfort whatever your day job.


What’s more we offer a Fit Guarantee on our Analysis + Custom Insoles services for your peace of mind. If you find that your insoles don’t deliver what you need, you can get your money back see here for more details.

We’re happy to say that we have very few returns.

So now you can look forward to work knowing that your feet can take the strain.

Fit Guarantee

Order your everyday comfort shoes online or call 020 7736 0046 to speak to our team and your book your appointment.


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