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This month we welcome the return of the Rugby World Cup. Rugby as a team sport is growing in popularity, despite it having a high risk of injury. An aggressive sport involving high impact forces, repetitive demands, running, tackling, scrummaging, rucking and mauling, it is no surprise that rugby players often experience recurrent injuries.

Many rugby injuries are caused by contact, but also intrinsic mechanisms unrelated to contact are a frequent cause of hamstring, knee and ankle injuries.

A rugby player’s footwear is a critical component of injury prevention, as well as performance. Here we look at the evidence, and suggest how Profeet can help.

rugby insoles

Preventing lower limb rugby injuries

It is unquestionable that rugby is a high-impact sport, involving high forces that impact the foot and lower limbs. Soft tissue injuries involving sprains/ligament are the most prolific, accounting for around half of total rugby union match injuries.

A recent world rugby injury surveillance study, found that during training, lower limb (80.0%) and muscle-strain (60.0%) injuries were the most common locations and types of injury. Also, knee ligament injuries have increased over time, highlighting a need for more effective prevention strategies.

Another study involving a cohort of 48 elite rugby players concluded that footwear geometry influences comfort, as well as posture, at the level of the foot and spine and should be considered in a dual purpose of injury prevention and performance.

How adapted footwear can help

Luke, one of Profeet’s Technicians, says:

“As a rugby player (winger) myself, I know that it’s essential to feel comfortable, safe and able to play at your full potential.”

At Profeet, we carry out a thorough biomechanical analysis, checking for any imbalances that could lead to injury. A gait analysis as well as a dynamic foot scan will detect anything that needs addressing.

“Analysing these pressures on the foot can show up any specific areas that are potentially at risk of overuse and can help determine whether rugby boots supplemented with custom insoles will help improve foot function and reduce tissue stress where needed.”   says Luke.


Rugby insoles

A pair of custom insoles, designed to fit your feet perfectly, can provide much-needed comfort inside stiff rugby boots. Additionally, they can be tailored to an individual’s biomechanical and specific rugby-playing position needs and can provide additional arch support.

Transform your rugby game, and stay protected with Profeet’s range of custom designed insoles for rugby players. They can radically improve the comfort of your boots while also giving the feet more stability during high force, multi-directional movement. Also, by absorbing impact and dispersing shock-waves, they can minimise any trauma from contact on the rest of your body.

Custom Rugby Insoles

  1. Shock absorber – provides additional shock absorption and comfort on initial contact
  2. ¾ Chassis – supports stabilises and controls motion of the medial and lateral arches and rear foot
  3. High medial and Lateral stabiliser – reinforces the insole for the multidirectional motions
  4. Propulsion layer – special material under the forefoot that helps cushion and propel the foot forward during toe off
  5. Cushioned Top cover – provides extra comfort
Rubgy insoles

We can also advise on shoe-lacing methods to keep your boots secure, as well as ways to raise your heel and give additional ankle support – particularly beneficial for scrummaging.

Our team of technicians are experts in assessing the feet and preparing them for the demands of rugby. If you want improved footwear comfort and protection for rugby games, then call 020 7736 0046. Book your one-to-one appointment with one of our qualified Profeet technicians.


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