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For many people, running is their go-to weekly exercise. It’s free (largely), no membership required; it’s portable, you can pretty much run everywhere – even on weekends away, or business trips; it’s flexible, run as little or as much as you like; it’s sociable, join a club, get involved with Parkrun or train for an event with friends.

So many good reasons to run!

There really are many health benefits to running the obvious being maintaining fitness, boosting immunity, building endurance and improving cardiovascular health. It’s also good for your mind thanks to the release of feel-good endorphins, and let’s not forget weight management: running sure burns those calories.

running burns nearly double the number of calories as walking.”

What can get in the way of running?

At the Profeet Sports Lab, we are presented with all kinds of issues and concerns, many minor, some more troublesome…

Common complaints include:

Typical performance issues include:

  • Struggle to increase distance
  • Struggle to increase speed
Running pain and injury, plantar fasciitis


New to running – couch to 5K
Many people will meet issues when beginning a new exercise routine, whether that’s running, HIIT, weight training, tennis, football, rugby, hockey… you name it. It is normal to experience some resistance from your body when starting something new. This is your body adjusting to the different demands and may require some tuning such as specific strengthening and stretching exercises. You will probably also want to take a look at your kit – is it working for you?

Increasing the distance – 5K to 10K to half marathon
If you’ve gotten over the initial hurdles and have mastered the standard teething troubles, the next obstacle tends to be issues faced when trying to either increase distance or increase speed. Running for longer can highlight different issues that arise due to the extended time spent running, putting your joints under more persistent load. It also brings to the surface and can exaggerate any imbalances or naturally occurring physical traits such as over-pronation, supination, hip drop, heavy heel strike etc… If you’re experiencing any of the issues in the above list – it’s probably time to visit Profeet.

The well-trodden path – half marathon and beyond…
For those that have been running for years, or who have moved onto longer distances such as marathon and more, we begin to see issues with wear and tear. Ageing also naturally has an impact on performance, and you may begin to see niggles emerging that just hinder your day to day running experience… or can bring you to a halt altogether! We can help. We see wear and tear issues on a regular basis.

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Identifying the problems

There’s no doubt that good self-maintenance is essential for all runners, whether you run 3Km or 100Km. Start with a good diet, ample hydration and a good stretching and strengthening routine and you should be able to overcome most of the basic issues. Beyond that we recommend looking at your running gait and how your body moves biomechanically in detail.

Time to get under the bonnet!
Profeet specialises in biomechanical analysis. Our highly-skilled technicians start with a physical examination of your feet and lower body stance. We’ll ask about your activity – we want to get to know you and how you like to run. Then we use state-of-the-art software on high calibre treadmills, with High Definition cameras to study your running gait.

high definition video gait analysis for runner

Know your running profile
By slowing down the video we can pin-point strengths and weaknesses and assess your movement patterns. A dynamic foot scan provides information about what’s happening with your feet from heel-strike to toe-off. Together this data forms a picture of your running profile.

running foot scan

Creating solutions

Get the right footwear
Utilising the above analysis, we can identify the most appropriate running shoes for you. Running shoes vary widely and are more or less suited to different running styles, distance, terrain and your personal physiology – you may require a neutral or a more supportive shoe, narrow, regular or wide. There’s also some fancy new race shoes, as showcased by the well-known marathon runners. They look great, but they may not actually be helpful for you.

which running shoe

Fine tuning fit and support
Next we create custom insoles, individually moulded to each foot, to provide a much better interface between your feet and your running shoes. This is the Profeet signature service that creates our unique custom fit. Sports shoes typically come with a simple foam liner which provides a small amount of cushioning. Profeet custom composite insoles are made of layers of different materials tailored to your needs. We address low arch, medium arch or high arch, cushioning, foot roll, strike preference and more.

custom insoles for ultra runners

Strength and Stretching
With your feet sufficiently stabilised within your shoes, our team will discuss your gait patterns and what you can do to improve your running style, including exercises, to address weaknesses.

arch stretches

Successful outcomes

Profeet have been working with sports people from beginner to Olympian since 2001. We have a long and consistent record of finding the right footwear and fit for each individual. We’re passionate about what we do, we offer a very personalised service and we’re committed to helping you to run and function better!

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Proof of success

Here’s just some of the feedback we regularly receive from our customers and athletes:

I am a huge fan of Profeet – and have recommended it to friends for years. I have their insoles for tennis, running and skiing. I used to have problems with my knees when running, but I have not experienced since using their insoles – this is because they correct your gait slightly which helps improve your running style and protects against injury. Fantastic technology!”

Exceptional service as usual. The detail provided by the analysis process and the chance to talk things through I find really helpful. I’ve had a bit of knee trouble recently and am much clearer now about why its happening and what to do going forward. New custom insoles, new shoes – I’m all set and looking forward to getting back to running. Thanks Profeet!”

I found these guys to be very helpful throughout the process of being measured for and having some orthotics custom made.”

Amazing experience as ever with Profeet. Mark was exceptional in both his service and extensive knowledge for running shoe and ski boot fitting. Can’t recommend this place high enough – true masters of their art.”

Great evidence-based gait analysis and fantastic customer service.”


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