Race to the Stones Blog 3: Ultra Running Zero to Hero -

Dan from the Profeet Run Lab is taking on the 100km ultramarathon Race To The Stones in July.  This is his third blog update as he moves from ultra running ‘zero to hero’.

23 April 2015 – 78 days to go
If I’m honest, the consistency in my training is not quite there yet.

It’s not that I am being lazy, but when I don’t run I cycle for my commute and sometimes the heavy legs play havoc with my body. My biggest struggle is the tightness in my quads, which also impacts on my lower back.

The cycling is important for me though, as I’m also racing a sprint triathlon in May. I thought this was going to be my focus for the summer. How wrong I was!

‘Work’ and training in Mallorca
I was fortunate recently to head out to Mallorca for ‘work’ with ONRunning and this doubled-up as a condensed training week too.

My long run in this block was quite a hilly, tough 15km. Running with a group of much more experienced and quicker runners was also a challenge. The frustration was the point where I started to run out of steam and was working really hard yet to look at the others, they had hardly broken a sweat! One day I want to be in that position too; and there lies the motivational push of group runs – it’s a great way to train.

Apart from the running, the setting was great and you can see why so many runners, cyclists and triathletes spend a lot of time out there to get some good training in.

Following the trip I have been tapering for my triathlon. Recovery is a vital part of training, and having rest weeks refuels the body.

Half Marathon – just a warm-up!
The inaugural North London Half Marathon was my first training race and coming only 5 weeks into my training I felt it came too early for me to perform at my best.

It was an absolute must psychologically to set a PB, regardless of how much time I had put into training. I set a target of sub-1:45 and was determined to prepare well, with a taper and eating well the day before.

I ended up running well in 1:41:18, hitting my goal easily (although of course as soon as I finished I wished I’d run sub-1:40!). You can check out my run stats on Strava here:

Now it was time for a holiday and a lovely trip to Scotland. This concludes a couple of light training weeks recovering and April starts with me back on the wagon.

Best of luck Dan!  You can read Dan’s previous blog post here.


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