Race to the Tower race report by Profeet ambassador Tom Evans

Profeet ambassador Tom Evans has sent us his Race to the Tower race report which saw him finish 1st with a time of 7:30:17

We want to achieve something special that sets us apart. If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are probably right. Keep a positive mind set at all times.”

Tom Evans – Ultra Runner & Profeet ambassador

The Course:

Race to the Tower is a double marathon over undulating terrain on the Cotswolds Way. The race was a perfect opportunity to test out some new kit, my nutrition and hydration plan and also meet some fellow ultra-runners. These events attract a whole array of different people, from Chrissy Wellington – Ironman World Champion – to runners competing in their first ultra marathon.


Hardest Moment:

Coming to the end of Race to the Tower, at approx. 80km, I could see the tower on top of a hill in the distance, but I convinced myself that it was much closer than it actually was! It’s very easy for your mind to play tricks with you when you are running or tired. You have got to stay positive and keep going. Whether you are racing for the win or walking the course with some friends, it’s going to be hard at some point. It is what you do when it gets tough which separates you from the average. Completing an ultra-marathon is achievable if you have the correct mind set. From my years in the British Army, I have learnt how to stay focused when times are hard, this really helps me to maintain my positive attitude in races and on training runs.


Best Part of Race to the Tower

Finishing a race is always an achievement. After my disappointing performance in the UK 100km Championships a couple of weeks before I was really happy to run well and for everything to go to plan. The check points were really well stocked, with everything from sweets to gels, bananas to crisps, coke, water energy drinks. There was something for everyone which really helps!


My Shoes for Race to the Tower

I raced in a pair of ON Cloudventures. They are a great shoe that provide enough protection and support on soft trails. I also wear custom orthotics from Profeet. I have also been running in Salomon Sense Ultras, which I will be wearing with my orthotics for my next race, the Eiger Ultra Trail – a 101km mountain race with over 6700m vertical ascent.

ON Cloudventure

  • Light and adaptive
  • 2 layer upper
  • Supports a fast ascent
  • Breathable and water repellent


Salomon Sense Ultra

  • Weight: 275g
  • The ultra distance athlete’s shoe
  • Developed with and for the elite
  • The S-LAB SENSE ULTRA strikes the
    balance between feel and protection

Tips for your first Ultra Marathon

It’s all in your head. The race is going to be tough at points, no matter who you are, but that’s why we do it. We want to achieve something special that set us apart. If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are probably right. Keep a positive mind set at all times.

Tom Evans – Race to the Tower Statistics

  • Position: 1st
  • Chip Time: 7:30:17
  • Speed: 6.98 mph
  • Pace: 8:35 min/mile

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