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Extreme Sports Performance

Founded by Ryan Blake in 2008, Extreme Sports Performance (ESP) recognises that there are many talented and aspiring athletes, of all ages in all sports, that do not have the appropriate guidance or receive the appropriate advice to help them to not only move forward and excel, but to understand why and how they can get better.

Coaching for all sports

ESP specialises in: extreme sports, action sports, combat sports, motorsports, ultra-endurance sports, long term athletic development, performance enhancement, injury prevention, strength & conditioning, sports medicine, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition & psychology.

Whilst they have specialist knowledge, their services are not just for elite athletes, but also for those wanting to perform to their max, find out how far they can go, and get past the obstacles that stand in their way.

In-person or online

They offer a range of support packages and sessions either face-to-face or online, including profiling, coaching, nutrition and therapy. It’s a comprehensive service that aims to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Profeet + Extreme Sports Performance Partnership Offer

When you book an Extreme Sports Performance
support package or session
in person or online


Working in synergy…

It all starts with your feet!

At Profeet we do the footwork and lay the foundations for better movement and performance.

Biomechanical analysis and custom insoles can help everyday runners, endurance runners, triathletes, skiers, footballers, rugby, tennis, squash, golf, and hockey players as well as other sports such as the British Women’s Weightlifting team, and even everyday dog walkers to move in comfort, perform to their best – and reach their goals.

Biomechanical analysis and custom insoles

Taking footwear out of the injury equation

Our analysis techniques identify where you’re potentially going wrong, e.g. anomalies in your movements patterns and subtle behaviours that can impact your performance over time, resulting in muscle strains, limited progress, or injury.

Custom insoles provide an antidote, helping to support and guide the feet into better gait patterns, to increase comfort, improve performance and help prevent injury. We also offer exercise advice to target specific issues.

Extreme Sports Performance

Building performance

Once you’ve got your footwear set up, you can think about taking things to the next level with Extreme Sports Performance coaching. ESP provide the extra dimensions to hone and focus your skills, fitness levels, mindset and diet.

It makes sense to reach out to the professionals when you’re wanting to aim higher, have hit a wall, or are carrying a weakness or injury that is hindering progress. With expert input, you can look forward to hitting your PBs, taking on that endurance challenge, or just enjoying your sport more.

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