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comedian Jarlath Regan

We were recently contacted by comedian Jarlath Regan, who besides taking to the mike with his popular stand-up routines, and hosting a blog series (aptly titled An Irishman Abroad), also fell in love with running during the lockdown.

The Rookie v The Olympian

Jarlath was keen to find out more about how our 3D Analysis and Custom Insoles could help him go the extra mile. At the same time, his mentor, former Olympic runner Sonia O’Sullivan, already a big fan of biomechanics and orthotics, was looking for insights into an issue around her left ankle.

Meanwhile, we thought it would be very interesting/fun to contrast the two extremes of running – the beginner and the athlete – and the benefits that analysis, custom insoles and footwear can bring to both.

It was well worth it with the session delivering a humorous and entertaining explanation of what happens during the analysis process including foot scanning, video gait analysis with markerless tracking and a detailed understanding of how Jarlath and Sonia were moving. Followed, of course, by the crafting of custom insoles to boost performance, improve running comfort and help avoid injury.


Listen, learn and laugh


Huge revelations. Massive epiphanies.
And the truth about a shoe we all love. This episode has it all!

The ‘Plod’ v The ‘Gazelle’

In the extended edition the craic is mighty as the results roll in and a few unexpected insights emerge. Hear the reactions as their results are read out, learn why Sonia has a better pain threshold than Jarlath and get a deeper than expected account from Jarlath who is roasted by Sonia for his shorts selection. There’s also the email of the week and Sonia’s now legendary tip of the week.

See the video summary!

Jarlath Regan Profeet
Jarlath Regan -

Jarlath Regan – The Rookie

“Never having run at all, anywhere, at any time to a point where I’m loving my running clocking nearly 50K a week.”

Sonia O’Sullivan

Sonia O’Sullivan – The Olympic Legend

“I like to be fit and healthy and the best way I know is to get out there and run.”


And special thanks to Profeet Senior Technician, Tom, for his expert input

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