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Where to find snow around the world

Climate change has begun to have an impact on ski resorts worldwide, leading to variable snow conditions and shorter seasons in some areas.

This can cause issues when booking a holiday, because it isn’t easy to predict what the snow conditions will be like when the much-anticipated holiday comes around. This can be more of a problem for families who are restricted to skiing in the school holidays as Christmas and late spring/Easter can be risky since snowfall isn’t reliable. Added to this, high demand for holidays in February half term can drive prices up.

Fortunately, some regions have adapted better than others to climate change. Certain areas are naturally more resilient thanks to elevation, latitude, glaciers, and historical snowfall patterns. Others are thinking forward and have invested in snowmaking capabilities to future proof their resorts.

Here’s a list of ten ski resorts, (in no particular order) that are renowned for their consistent snow conditions:

1: Andermatt-Sedrun, Switzerland

One of the most snow-reliable places in Switzerland, Andermatt benefits from high altitude (up to 2963 metres) and north-facing slopes, providing trustworthy snow conditions from November to May.

2: Fernie, Canada

Fernie is a small mountain town that dates back to 1898. Some credit the exceptional snowfall to a mythical mountain man, born in a grizzly bear’s cave known as ‘the Griz’, it could also be down to a combination of local weather systems and Pacific fronts. Either way Fernie receives an impressive average of 30ft of snowfall each year and over 2500 acres of terrain on which to enjoy it.

Fernie Canada snow sure ski resort

3: Niseko, Japan

Niseko in Hokkaido is famous for its deep “Japow” (Japan powder), with consistent and high-quality snow throughout the winter season, usually from November to April. It snows almost every day during the main season due to cold air masses from Siberia that absorb moisture over the Sea of Japan, which then falls as snow on the mountains in the west of Hokkaido.

4: Tignes-Val d’Isère, France

Often regarded as having the most consistent snow in the Alps, primarily due to the extent of its high-altitude skiing (60% of its 300km of slopes are above 2500m), and multiple glaciers. Tignes and Val d’Isère provide reliable snow cover from late November to early May.

5: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, USA

Situated in Wyoming’s Teton Range, Jackson Hole receives an average annual snowfall of between 400″-500″ due to its favourable location for capturing storms from the Pacific Northwest. The resort’s high elevation and north-facing slopes also ensure excellent snow conditions.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, USA

6: Laax, Switzerland

Laax boasts a large ski area with high-altitude slopes and a glacier, ensuring snow coverage from late autumn to early spring. Its investment in snowmaking infrastructure further enhances snow reliability.

Laax, Switzerland

7: Engelberg-Titlis, Switzerland

Engelberg is renowned for its glacier skiing and high elevation, offering reliable snow conditions from October to May.


8: Mammoth Mountain, USA

Located in California’s Sierra Nevada Range, Mammoth Mountain benefits from its high elevation and favourable weather patterns, typically offering skiing from November to June.


9: Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier offers extensive skiing terrain with high-altitude slopes, ensuring good snow conditions throughout the season. Its north-facing slopes and access to glacier skiing areas contribute to snow reliability.

Verbier, Switzerland

10: Les Deux Alpes, France

Les Deux Alpes offers glacier skiing and high-altitude slopes, ensuring predictable snow conditions from late autumn to early spring.

Weather patterns can vary!

Whilst these ski resorts are known for their general snow reliability, it’s important to keep in mind that weather patterns can vary, and conditions may change from year to year.

Additionally, advancements in snowmaking technology has improved snow conditions at many resorts making them a more dependable option.

So whatever the weather, we’re aiming to keep on skiing for years to come.

There’s still time to book a last minute ski trip!

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