Head Raptor RS Speed - Ski boot review - Profeet custom fitting

Head Head Raptor 140 RS

  • Cost: £435
    Last:  96mm
    Size: 25-30

Head Raptor 90 RS W

  • Cost: £265
  • Last: 96mm
  • Size: 22-27

The Women’s Raptor differs from the Men’s:

  • No booster strap, regular power 40mm strap
  • Plug boot as well

Profeet review: “Generally, this boot fits narrowly all over, but is slightly high over the instep. It is an awesome race boot and offers one of the highest levels of performance on the market this season.” Frazer, Ski Manager

Head Raptor RS Speed
The 140 has a 40mm booster strap which in built into the power-strap. This means the boot can help to eliminate shin pain and give increased feedback/performance. The liner of this boot is a mix of cork an oil which allows for a more customised fit once heated.

Head Raptor RS Speed
Spine tech buckles give a closer anatomical fit. Dual cuff alignment allows for better interface between the boot and the leg.

Head Raptor RS Speed

There is an option with the RS Speed to adjust the flex of the boot. One is able to change the boot from 120-140 approximately in increments of 10.

The boot has a FIS regulated sole in both the mens and womens models. This boot is a plug boot, therefore heels and toes cannot be replaced. There is a positive to this in that it increases the power transmission to the ski.


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