Ski boots for those with big or wide calves - Specialist ski boot fitting

When it comes to the sexes women are physiologically different to men. This is often evident around the lower leg where women tend to have a bigger lower gastrocnemius muscle where as Men tend to have longer soleus muscles and so their calves sit higher.

Each ski boot manufacturer offers a different take on foot and leg shape for each of their boots. For women, they tend to be more generous around the lower leg often with a flare around the calf to accommodate a bigger, lower gastrocnemius muscle. Unisex (men’s) boots tend not to have a flair of the cuff however for those with a high tight gastrocnemius it can cause discomfort.

We offer several boots at Profeet which offer a more generous fit around the lower leg allowing us to find the best starting point to build the fit upon. We then assess your biomechanics, accommodating any limitations and create in a fully custom insole to stabilise the foot and from the best foundation.

Finally, we customise the ski boot to change the shape or increase the space where needed to maximise comfort. We also offer numerous custom liners that can be used to further increase foot hold and comfort.


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