Profeet Staff Running Records: From 100m to 100 miles -

The Profeet staff are all highly skilled professionals, with most being graduates in fields like biomechanics, sports science and podiatry.


So you know you are in safe hands when you come in to have your feet looked after.


But the Profeet team ‘walk the walk’ (if that can make any sense in the world of running) as well as talking the talk.

Profeet Team Personal Bests


There are also some highly talented athletes in our team. So much so that we thought it would be interesting to look at our PBs across the shop.


Check them out below * – there’s some pretty speedy times there!

The fastest running shop in the country? 


Is there a running shop in the country with a faster set of staff – across such a wide range of distances? Let us know if you think there is, but until proved otherwise we’re claiming the no.1 spot!

* Tracey O’Connor, Sarah Holliday and Andy Brodziak are previous Profeet staff members. All the others are current.

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