Team GB weightlifter, Emily Muskett, sets her sights on the Tokyo Olympics -
Emily Muskett Weightlifter

Emily Muskett, the 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medallist weightlifter for England, is in a reflective mood as she settles in to discuss her new ambassador role with Profeet and ponder what the future will bring, plus much more besides.

The 31-year-old star is no stranger to the ups and downs of top-level, professional sport, having represented TeamGB and England at the world’s biggest competitions for more than a decade.

Let’s make it clear, Emily is not done yet and has her sights set on qualifying for and competing at the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics. But, as has been the case for many people this year, negotiating the challenges of 2020 have given the Meopham-born athlete time to take stock.

“I know that one day I’ll look back on my career and be very grateful for the way it all panned out,”

Emily, whose gold medal-winning success at the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast a couple of years ago came under her maiden name of Godley — a month before she celebrated that sweet success by tying the knot with long-term partner, Joe.

“There’s been so many times when I’ve wanted to throw the towel in and give up over the years when the wins haven’t come but I’ve learnt to just stick at it and keep going. In the long run, it’s definitely all worth it.

One of my biggest moments was definitely winning at the Gold Coast Games — it was the pinnacle for me and was incredibly special having my mum, dad and husband there to support and share the experience. It really is a standout.”

TeamGB weightlifter, Emily Muskett

This year has been a busy one for the weightlifter, who relocated back to the UK from Australia in the summer.

She said:

“2020 has been a big year for me with the move and I’ve been looking after my mum because she has not been very well. I’m trying to adapt to my new routine and fit everything in, so I feel like training has really been my little saviour, my go-to, really.

I’m just trying to focus on creating a schedule for myself and programme, with the end goal of competing next year and getting myself back into peak shape.

It has been tough — not knowing when your next competition is going to be, mentally very difficult. It’s a real test to keep that momentum going when you’re trying to qualify for a huge event like the Olympics and peak at the right time.”

Unfortunately, a lingering knee injury has hindered Emily’s training and, for that matter, comfort for a large chunk of this year. As it turns out, her quest to fix her knee issue set the weightlifter on the path to working with Profeet.

Emily Muskett at Profeet

“I’m friends with Emily Campbell, who is also a weightlifter and Profeet ambassador, and she put me in touch with the guys in London. We had a good chat about how the brand had helped her and Emily said that she had reaped the benefits, so it all started from there. I think looking at your feet, how you stand, how you move — especially when lifting and walking — is incredibly important but maybe underrated, particularly in relation to injuries,”

Photo: Emily Muskett and Emily Campbell at Profeet

Emily, who also secured gold at the 2017 British Championships — setting a British record in the 75kg weight class in the process, told Profeet.

“I’ve done some gait analysis and testing with Profeet, looking at how my feet were placed when I was doing a squat and lift. Getting the right custom insoles for me has definitely helped my balance and stability hugely.

I’m really noticing the difference in my squats and feel far better with the insoles; my feet feel more connected to the ground. The main thing is that my injury is improving and the pain I was experiencing is nowhere near as bad as it was.”

We’re looking forward to catching up with Emily next year to see how her training is going and hopefully following her path to Tokyo!

Contributed by our specialist writer: Stuart Appleby


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