There’s no stopping pole vaulter, Jessica Robinson -
Jessica Robinson

Profeet ambassador Jessica Robinson takes COVID-19 work from home boundaries to next level

2020 has been a challenging year for us all, with lockdown restrictions and COVID-19 rules changing the way in which we were all used to leading our lives before.

Each and everyone’s circumstances are different but we’ve all had to learn to adapt. And, for many, that has meant working from home becoming the new normal – to use a now popular phrase.

That is all well and good when all you really need is a decent internet connection and a laptop but it’s a different story when your key piece of office kit is a long pole.

Step forward Jessica Robinson, a Profeet Ambassador for more than four years, who has been forced to modify her ways of working – more than most – through the course of the first and now current lockdown, as well as negotiating restrictions in-between those two this past summer.

Just how do you practice pole vaulting at home?

Jess, 21, who has represented TeamGB at the pole vault in major competitions and aims to do so once more over the course of the next 12 months, has trained largely at home since the start of the pandemic, without having had regular access, of course, to the field to train.

You just have to really work with what you’ve got, Throughout the lockdowns I’ve listened to a lot of music, set myself goals that would relate to lockdown and tried my best to keep myself motivated.

I have equipment at home – like weights and medicine balls – so I’ve been able to train really well and keep my strength up, but the challenge has been not to overload myself when I haven’t been able to get out to the field regularly,”

Jess tells Profeet in an exclusive interview.

I have missed vaulting this year but I’ve focused on staying fit and focused,”

Profeet ambassador Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson

Jess, who has posted various training videos on her Instagram page, added.

So, is pole vaulting just like riding a bike again after a long break away from the sport?

Obviously, it’s quite dangerous just to go straight back into pole vaulting. In one sense it is (like riding a bike again) because you know how to run, jump and the take-off movement but when it comes to those fine, precise details – such as holding the pole at the right angle, the timing, the feeling of pushing against the pole and all of the technical aspects – it was a bit strange to get back into it when I was able to before the new restrictions came in.”

Keeping on top of her game

Staying injury-free and healthy should help propel Jess to more achievements next year when, hopefully, there will be more opportunities to compete at home and abroad.

Part of the psychology graduate’s success in staying at the top of her game physically has been her relationship with Profeet over the course of the past few years.

She said:

I’ve always had feet and knee issues because I’ve always had extra bones in my feet so that has always been an added sort of problem to try and overcome.

Working with Profeet has really helped me in so many ways. Through them, we’ve been able to work together to identify specific trainers for me to wear, by doing some gait analysis, observation and work on my running patterns.

This has really helped to make sure that I’m training and competing in the best, bespoke footwear for me – helping my performance.”

Thanks for sharing with us Jess, and we wish you every success in 2021
Contributed by our specialist writer: Stuart Appleby

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