The 4-In-4 Challenge -
The 4-In-4 Challenge

In February we were approached by Fulham local, Alex O’Mahony and 3 friends who had decided to set themselves a personal challenge…

The Guinness World Record Attempt

On Friday 20th May 2022, Alex O’Mahony, Toby Willis, Bradley Malpas and Ethan Judge will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record in trying to complete
– four marathons in four countries in under 24 hours –

The 4-In-4 Challenge

Mind over matter

Alex, Toby, Bradley and Ethan are a group of good friends who all enjoy running and have participated in events up to marathon distance and in some cases beyond. They were inspired to combine their energy and enthusiasm to both attempt to set a World Record and raise funds for their chosen charity – Mind, one of the UK’s oldest and largest mental health charities, providing much needed support and assistance to those struggling with issues.

As you may know, here at Profeet we love a challenge whether it’s simply getting off the sofa and starting to run, scaling up to a 5K or 10K working up to a half or full marathon… or pushing beyond, so we were immediately curious and very happy to get involved.

The plan

As Alex explained:

Each marathon will be run in a relay between the four of us. We’ll be startinrun in London (UK), fly to Maastricht and run (Neth), over the border to Belgium and then finally Germany and fly back from Cologne..”

The timing breakdown is shown below, showing that it is doable, but will certainly be tight!

Their target marathon time is 3hr 30 for the relay of four.

Time (BST) Note Cumulative Time
06:45 Arrive at Stanstead
07:00 Marathon 1: UK 00:00
11:00 Finish Marathon 1. Enter airport 04:00
12:20 Flight departs 05:20
13:35 Arrive Maastricht 06:35
14:30 Marathon 2: Netherlands 07:30
18:30 Finish Marathon 2 11:30
19:00 Marathon 3: Belgium 12:00
23:00 Finish Marathon 3 16:00
23:30 Marathon 4: Germany 16:30
03:30 Finish Marathon 4 20:30
04:30 Arrive Cologne

The visit to Profeet

Profeet’s role was to provide Custom Fitted Footwear to help the boys on their way and ensure that they were wearing the right footwear for the task.

We were delighted to welcome Alex, Toby, Bradley and Ethan to the Run Lab for a Sport Analysis service including individual gait analysis and foot scanning to take a look at how each of the team was running, their gait and foot strike patterns.

This was followed by the creation of custom insoles to provide the right level of support, cushioning, guidance, and propulsion to suit each runner.

Then finally the all-important shoe selection, to ensure that that they’re wearing the right shoe for their foot type and gait style. Which together make for a custom fitted solution to improve comfort, increase performance and reduce the risk of injury.

They’re all set!

We were very much taken by their infectious enthusiasm, and we’ll be rooting for them on the day. Look out for updates on social and we’ll be reporting post-event.

If you’d like to make a donation to their chosen charity, Mind, you can find out more here:

The 4-In-4 Challenge

You can also follow their story via their Instagram account

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