The New Balance FuelCell SuperComp (SC) Elite V4 -
FuelCell SC Elite v4

The FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4 has arrived and its on a mission; to get you to that finish line faster.

Packed with 100% PEBA based FuelCell foam in the midsole combined with a thinner and stiffer carbon plate, the SC Elite is sure to shave off those seconds.

Speed over distance

Designed to maintain speed over marathon-like distances, the FuelCell SC Elite v4 has been engineered following years of innovative research to re-design the fit, feel and function of the shoe compared to the previous v3, improving the shoe efficiency to store and release potential energy.

The New Balance FuelCell SuperComp (SC) Elite V4

The midsole has been updated to 100% PEBA FuelCell with an integrated full-length carbon fibre plate, which is currently New Balance’s thinnest and stiffest plate to date. The combination of the midsole with the carbon fibre plate allows for a cushioned feeling at initial contact, with high energy return for greater propulsion at toe-off as the carbon fibre plate offers superior energy return, while maintaining a lightweight profile compared to predecessors – ( weight= M; 195g / W; 174g).

New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite V4

The ‘Wow’ factor

  1. The heel-toe drop sits at and easy 4mm, with a hearty 39.5 heel stack down to a 32.5mm at the forefoot. However, like most high-stack shoes with a softer midsole, this heel-toe drop can appear greater upon weight bearing as you are compressing into the FuelCell.
  2. Looking underfoot, the signature Energy Arc is exposed. The specific geometry of this arc, with its midsole voids combined with spot-specific carbon plate geometry, is designed to increase energy storage to deliver high amounts of total energy return. Upon landing, the softer foam will provide cushioning on impact before the lightweight carbon fibre plate with the Energy Arc offloads the potential energy at toe-push off.
  3. A solid rubber outsole further supplies stability at the forefoot with sufficient covering. Finished off with a new geometric aesthetic to match its taller, wider platform, this shoe gives you the ‘wow’ factor when you open that box for the first time.

  4. The lightweight mesh upper, made of FANTOMFIT air mesh, provides a certain comfort on race day, giving a secure lock-down whilst allowing the feet to breath freely. Like most speed shoes, this is on the neutral side of trainer selection. Though the heel counter provides enough padding to sit into the heel collar to fill the anatomical geometrical gap. This gives a better feeling of locking into the shoe and helps makes blisters on those longer distances a thing of the past.

Polly’s Personal notes:

I was kindly invited by New Balance to represent Profeet at the launch event of this shoe.

This is one of those shoes where you put it on, and it somehow feels familiar. The gusseted tongue and stretchy laces allow for a comfortable step-in feel. Then you stand up. A little unstable at first with the more aggressive rocker than the v3, but you start to tune in to the shoe; how the midsole sits under the foot, how much padding there is, how big the heel stack is, where my toes sit and how the mesh holds my foot in place. But, if you haven’t already guessed, this is not a shoe made for standing in.

Effortless running

You start running and it feels, well, effortless. This shoe is designed for those greater distances where speed with energy conservation is essential, thinking half marathon and marathon for those elite runners. This particular shoe is less aggressive compared to other full-plated carbon shoes, therefore, will do well for those who don’t get along with true super shoes e.g. the Saucony Endorphin Pro.

The New Balance FuelCell SuperComp (SC) Elite V4

With a softer landing pad, it allows the impact to disperse, absorbing the shock and letting you take time during each stride while you maintain a smooth, natural transition as you ease off that rocker. It will let you maintain your posture and cross the finish line with slightly lighter legs.

While I wouldn’t recommend these for those 5km races or wearing full carbon fibre plated shoes for training, this shoe can do well in some training environment. Due to the softer midsole, this can be a perfect training-in-a-carbon-shoe-to-get-familiar type of shoe. With the softer landing pad you won’t be working at 100% effort but becoming familiar with that propulsive feeling before race-day making it an option for those up-tempo, threshold days.



Adidas Adizero Pro 3 – a similar, soft-landing pad but with the stability of the extended lateral carbon fibre rod as opposed to a full-length carbon plate.



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