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Iain Martin - Pilgrims Challenge 2021

Profeet Ambassador, Iain Martin is preparing to run the #UTMB. That’s the Ultra Trail du Mount Blanc to you and me, and one of the toughest foot races in the world. It’s designed for a rare breed of human that likes to run… and run… 171 kilometres (106 miles) in total with an elevation gain of around 10,040 metres (32,940 ft).

A sub zero challenge in the Alps
At this altitude, the UTMB is part ambient temperature, part freezing. In the mountains, the weather conditions change very fast and these changes are not always predictable. At the end of August, (when the event takes place), the temperature can descend to -10°, it can snow heavily or hail. As a result, the participants must plan their kit well or risk a very uncomfortable ride.

Meanwhile… a warm weekend in the UK
In training for the UTMB, Iain has been taking part in a series of progressive challenges from the Goodwood Marathon (26.6 miles) to the Devil’s Lite (50K) to this, the Pilgrim’s Challenge, a mere walk in the park at 66 miles. Not!

The Pilgrim’s Challenge

Iain told us,

The event was part of my build-up for the UTMB in August and, while it was great to test out my kit and fitness, I hadn’t expected the dubious bonus of running in temperatures peaking at 27°C.”

You can watch the race report below, read his article in Trail Running Magazine and also see Iain’s other videocasts on his YouTube Channel.

He continued,

Whereas day one felt more like a tough long run, day two properly felt like an ultra-marathon: a day when there’s a constant struggle between your mind (“Keep moving forward”) and your body (“Let me stop!”).

And the finale
Iain’s dogged persistence despite the blistering heat paid off and he finished the 66 miles in just over 12 hours, placing 13th overall and with the bonus of a trophy for 1st MV50! Bravo!!

Plus a Triathlon win and Team GB qualification

And whilst he’s at it…  not content with the building the miles underfoot, he snuck in a sneaky triathlon and picked up 3rd place in the Mens’ over 55-59 category.

Triathlon Qualifier Race

The Eastbourne Standard Triathlon is a European Championship standard triathlon qualifier, meaning that winners have the potential to qualify for Team GB 2022, and Iain has earned his place.


This man is on fire!

Iain Martin, Eastbourne Triathlon

There’s no doubt that Iain is on cracking form and we’ll continue to follow and share his momentous journey to the Alps.


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