Tips for an Injury-Free Autumn Marathon -
Autumn Marathon

As the Autumn season approaches, many runners set their sights on new Autumn Marathon goals for a motivational boost. Training for a marathon is a lengthy process and injuries often happen, even when following the best laid plans.

Studies show that more than a third of runners sustain injuries while marathon training. Usually, these are overuse injuries, but also other causes including people wearing the wrong footwear for their own needs and training requirements.

Here are some tips when marathon training to stay injury-free:

The key marathon training elements

The 10% rule
There are plenty of well-structured marathon training plans. Often injuries occur because of trying to achieve too much too soon. Following the 10% rule is key – ensuring that you start comfortably and only add 10% distance (volume) or intensity each session. Warm up and cool down before and after every session…and stretch!

Strength training
Building in strength training is critical for avoiding an injury. Increasing strength and resilience in your muscles and joints, and improving your core stability, can help protect against damage caused by the repetitive nature of running.

Getting the balance right
Balancing the run training with cross-training, such as cycling or gym-training is wise, especially if you are injury-prone. Rest is also an essential element of any training plan, allowing your body to adapt and repair. Eating a good balanced diet and getting plenty of good quality sleep will also aid your recovery.

A word from run ambassador, Pierre Meslet

Pierre Meslet

Profeet’s running ambassador, Pierre Meslet, is not only a hugely accomplished ultra/trail runner, but he is a GOsC Registered Osteopath. He specialises in sports injuries and was part of the medical team at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

He recently finished 2nd at the RAT 100km ultra race on the South West Coastal Path. His next goal? – to break 2h30’ at the Valencia Marathon in December.

When asked about avoiding injuries when marathon training, Pierre advises:

Listen to your body and don’t ignore niggles. Manage them, with help from a professional if needed, so that they don’t become an injury.”

“It’s better to ease off for a week or two while receiving preventative treatment rather than carrying on ignoring the discomfort. It could then lead to severe pain forcing you to pull out of the race you’ve been training for months,” he adds.

The right running shoes

If you’re already training for an Autumn marathon, it’s likely that you’re already clocking up some decent mileage. Your running shoes should be lasting between 350 and 550 miles. Here are some ways to check if your shoes need replacing:

  • Check your shoe mileage – Strava can be a useful tool for this!
  • Look for signs of wear – holes in the upper or smoothed down lug patterns on the soles of your trainers
  • Go by feel – are you starting to notice bumps in the road, less ‘springiness’ or grip?
  • Are niggles starting to creep in the knees and ankles, or hips?

Not sure whether you need new trainers? You can always bring them to the Profeet run lab for a professional examination. Our Profeet Run Technicians can help you choose footwear that is suitable for your individual requirements.

Book a Profeet 3D Sport Analysis

Our 3D Sport Analysis service has been specially designed to allow us to check your running technique in great detail, so you can become an economical runner and less susceptible to injury. It is suitable for anyone training for a marathon event who feels they would benefit from running technique advice based on real results.

3D analysis

We can carry out a gait analysis as well as a footbed check, identifying pressure points in your stride and ensuring that you have the correct supportive footwear. We recommend our custom insoles to improve comfort and functionality when you run – so you can go the distance with confidence, in comfort!

Profeet running analysis

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