TransGranCanaria 360˚ Race Report -

Profeet ambassador Gary Dalton recently completed the TransGranCanaria 360˚ ultra-marathon – a tough race that covers 265km and takes in 16500m of vertical up and down the mountains of Grand Canaria.


It’s unsupported, so while competitors are fed at five aid stations during the event, they have to decide when and where to rest. The kit list is long and includes the requirement to carry a tent or survival shelter that is rain and wind proof. No other external assistance is allowed.

Over three days on your feet…


Gary finished in 22nd place overall and 10th in his age group in just over 81 hours – that’s over three days…

We recently asked Gary about his experience:

“A festival of running. That’s what they said. But for me it was something of a redemption.


“After another failure to complete the Tor des Geants last year, I chose the new Transgrancanaria 360˚ race as the one which would decide whether I still had what it took to complete single-stage races of this magnitude.


“The good news is that I did. And it was everything I needed it to be and more. From the low key (non-existent) kit check to the friendly and accommodating aid stations, it was everything I could have coped with.


“It was brutal: unremitting and unrelenting climbs on moonscape terrain; endless hours of darkness focused on finding the next turn on an unmarked course; false trails leading to frustration and bonus miles and metres. This isn’t a race for the unexperienced or the uninitiated in the mountains.


“There were many times when I couldn’t believe the route the course planners wanted us to take. Paths that were barely there took us to the foot of sheer cliffs to scramble up. In some places, it was more like climbing than running and one small slip would have meant disaster.


“This was a race for the committed and it was exactly what I needed. I loved every rocky foot of it.


“I had no real expectations of Transgrancanaria before I arriving other than ‘bucket and spade’ holidays, but over the course of my 81 hours I saw a side to it I would never have had the chance to see without race. And for that insight alone it was worth the pain.”

Congratulations to Gary – it’s a hugely impressive achievement – well done!


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