How our Ambassadors got on in the UTMB: The World Summit of Trail Running -

The UTMB is a series of epic trail running races finishing in Chamonix. The UTMB race is a single-stage mountain ultramarathon and is widely regarded as one of the most difficult races in the world, and one of the largest.


The four main races that take place are:

  • TDS – (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoi) 119km: The two Savoie and the Aosta valleys are some of the provinces that once made up the Savoie State. The TDS runs through these 3 regions which are united around Mont-Blanc, and borrow the paths where history and the mountains meet.
  • OCC – The race starts from Orsières located southwest of the canton in the Val d’Entremont, the Swiss Valais region. The organisers say that: ‘This valley offers unique landscapes: ultimate peaks on the eastern flanks of the Mont Blanc drawing the franco-swiss frontier, hanging glaciers on polished rocks, fiery torrents…’ The final kilometres of the race follow the same path as the UTMB and CCC races to finish in glory! The distance this year was
  • CCC – The 101km course is known as the little sister of the UTMB with altitudes reaching 2500m rapidly after starting the race in Courmayer. The organisers tell of ‘The passage of the Grand col Ferret (2537m) marks the entrance of the race in Switzerland, where the competitors will be warmly welcomed by the volunteers of La Fouly, Champex and Trient. Already in France but so close to Switzerland, anyone can enjoy the authenticity of Vallorcine, before discovering after an incredible ascension the Vallons des Chezerys, a true corner of paradise with a magnificent view on the Mont-Blanc chain. It is then time to finally reach the arrival arch in the heart of Chamonix.’
  • UTMB – This year the course was 167.5km and over a 1/3 of the field did not finish. This give you an idea of how incredibly tough this race is. The race course runs through Italy, France and Switzerland before finishing in Chamonix. It has some of the most technical climbs in trail running.


Our ambassadors took part here is how they got on:

Robbie Britton: OCC– 16th place in 5:45 for Robbie, very good time with some lovely British weather thrown in too.

Tom Evans: CCC– 100.1km race overall finished 4th in a time of 10:57:44. One of the fastest British times ever to complete the course, in only Tom’s first year of doing the race.

Pierre Meslet: UTMB 167.5km in 39:40:04, very difficult running conditions, hail storms, temperatures dropped to -8C at points at over 2000m altitude.

We have put together an infographic with some key statistics from the 2017 UTMB event.

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