Introducing professional weightlifter Emily Campbell, our new ambassador

Emily’s record is impressive, winning a silver medal in her first British Championships in 2016 and then in 2017 destroying the field to win the British champs and setting a record in the 90+ kg weight category. We had a chat with Emily Campbell to find out a little more about her.

I have just been selected to represent team England in the Commonwealth Games in April, I would also love to qualify for the world championships in December so they will be the 2 competition I will peak for in 2018.”

Weightlifter Emily Campbell

We had a chat with Emily to find out a little more about her.

How did you get into weightlifting?

I used to compete in athletic hammer and shot at national level and I went to a S&C coach called Yousef Ziu to learn the Olympics lifts in order to become stronger for the athletics. He proposed I should give it a go, and after some convincing I did and here I am.

What are your current PBs in major lifts and what’s your favourite lift and why?

  • Snatch 104kg
  • Clean and jerk 138kg

Clean and jerk is my favourite as I’m a lot better at it and I love the buzz of it being heavier me. With Snatch have a love-hate relationship.

Why is alignment of the foot/lower leg so important in lifting?

Due to the lifts being so technical and the amount of weight on the bar being so heavy stability is so important and it is paramount in preventing injuries.

How have Profeet insoles helped your lifting and why do you value them so much?

I am very flat footed and the insoles have helped me get into biomechanically advantageous positions and given me so much more confidence under the bar.

How many/what competitions have you planned for this year?

I have just been selected to represent team England in the Commonwealth Games in April. I would also love to qualify for the World Championships in December, so these will be the two competitions I will peak for in 2018. I will also attend the national champs in January and June to keep getting platform experience.

A huge congratulations on your selection for the Commonwealth Games later in the year, you must be extremely proud! What are your expectations going into the Games?

I am extremely excited to compete at the Games: it is going to be a life changing experience. I hope to do the best I can and if I was to bring home a medal that would be a bonus.

Emily Campbell is a new Profeet ambassador and proves our insoles can help any athlete achieve even better at their sport!


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