Custom Ski Boot Liners: Zipfit Liners - expertly fitted by Profeet

Zipfit liners have cork and oil mixture in the heel and ankle area as well as on top of the tongue, when heated this mixture moulds providing great heel retention similar to that of a foam injected liner. The neoprene toe box ensures there is space in the forefoot. Zipfit liners also come with laces and a Velcro strap which aids the snug fit.

The main benefits of a Zipfit liner over a Foam Liner is it can be transferred to a different shell if you buy new boots. There is also the option of adding addition cork when the liner begins to pack out.

The Gara

This is prepacked with the lowest volume of foam. Most suitable for a lower volume shell.

 The Grand Prix

This has 10% more prepacked foam. Making this more suitable for taking up room in a larger volume shell.

As with any liner that provides a firm heel and ankle hold it allows for better power transmission to the ski. The life of a Zipfit liner is far longer than that of a standard liner due to the denser materials (cork mixture) in the key areas.

In this video Frazer explains the differences between a foam-injected, Zipfit and Intuition ski boot liner and how they can benefit your skiing.


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