Can I get another season out of my ski boots -

This article first appeared in Fall Line Magazine, where Profeet’s Ski Lab manager, is the resident boot doctor:

Q: I’ve just finished my skiing for the season and I know that my boots are coming to the end of their life.  Can I get another season out of my boots?

If the shell of your ski boot is still in reasonable condition then yes, there are options to extend the life of your boot.

To check, first examine the condition of the soles of the boot to ensure they have not worn too thin and that the plastic shell has not cracked anywhere.

Replaceable liners can revive your ski boots
If the plastic is looking distressed, then it’s safer to replace the whole boot at that point.  However, if the shell still has plenty of life in it, then there are replaceable ski boot liners that will revive the boots and give you the control back in your skiing.

Depending on your need, there are various custom liners on the market. 

There are a selection of models – the Dreamliner is a great replacement liner for any Alpine ski boot. The Pro Tour is the best for a touring boot as it has laces and an articulating cuff that will move with the boot.

The Powerwrap and Godiva are both wrap style liners which can work great for larger calves and solving shin problems.  Intuition liners can be heat moulded over and over and therefore moved from shell to shell.

Zipfit ski boot liners
Zipfit liners are another great option for putting the performance back into your boots.  They are filled with a cork/oil mix that fills the voids in the rear and mid foot area.  There is also cork in the tongue which moulds to the shape of your shin.  When the cork/oil mix is heated up, it becomes soft and fills the voids, when it cools it becomes dense so that any movement is automatically transferred to the ski giving great control and performance.

There are different models – the Gara is great for a lower volume shell with less cork in it, the Grand Prix works well with medium to larger volume shells with more cork.  Zipfits can also be re-moulded so can therefore be transferred when you upgrade your shell.

Foam liners give you ultimate control
Foam liners are another great option to giving you the ultimate control when skiing.

Foam is injected into the liner and will mould around the foot and shell giving a very precise fit.  When it sets it becomes very dense so movement is directly transferred to the ski.

Foam liners last a long time so they work better in a newer shell.  If you put a foam liner into an old shell then you won’t benefit from the full life of the liner as these liners cannot be transferred when you change shells.

A temporary solution
As a temporary solution we do have boot fitting aids that we can add to packed out liners to snug up the fit and extend the life of the boot for a short period.  These include adding various pieces of shaped foam and bontex shims (a bootfitting aid that we use to take volume out of a boot) to eliminate space.

Free ski boot MOT at Profeet
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