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Profeet Blister Prevention article

Hot weather, combined with increased moisture can cause extra friction inside your shoes or trainers. Without the adequate protection of moisture-wicking socks or well-fitting footwear, this friction can easily lead to blisters.

One study found that blisters are associated with a 50% increased risk of an additional training-related musculoskeletal injury. This is likely due to compensations occurring to avoid blister pain, but causing further issues.

Heel and toe blisters when running

Here, we look at solutions to keep your feet cool, dry and well-protected during your activities to prevent blisters and avoid other injuries.

Blister resistant socks

Socks are an essential piece of kit when you are spending a lot of time on your feet. If you’re increasing your walking or running mileage while making the most of the sunshine, it is worth investing in some decent socks.

A quality pair of technical walking or running socks is especially important if you are prone to blisters. Keep feet cool and dry with effective moisture-wicking material. But also, consider the shape and fit of the socks, so they don’t slide over the feet and cause friction.

At Profeet, we only select sports-specific footwear and socks that have proven effective. We have a range of socks to ensure comfort and that eliminate the risk of friction. For example, our Balega blister-resist running sock range uses Drynamix fabric to keep feet cool and dry. Additionally, they have seamless toes and deep heel pockets, ensuring additional cushioning and a good fit.

Balega blister-resist running sock range

Balega blister-resist running sock range

Wear the right shoes

Another way to avoid blisters is by having a proper shoe fitting. By ensuring enough ‘wiggle’ room at the end of the toes, in a correctly shaped shoe that supports your heel and midfoot, is especially important in hot weather when the feet swell up. Even more important for distance runners. A gait analysis will ensure you are in the right shoe type and style that supports your natural movement patterns. Profeet’s head Run & Footwear Technician, Tom says:

“Getting the shoe fit right is important as if they are too small then there isn’t enough space for the air to circulate effectively.”

A pressure scan can check the main pressure points on each foot, identifying any areas of instability. Custom insoles are an effective way to enhance the fit and comfort of your running shoes – and can improve your performance.

Foot Pressure Scan
custom moulded insoles

Lace up correctly

Lacing the shoes correctly can also improve your shoe fit. But did you know there are several different ways you can tie your shoes? Here are our top tips to suit different foot types:

  • Wide Forefoot – Lace up from the second set of eyelets (second set from toes) to take pressure away from the forefeet
  • High Arches – Create a window between eyelets 2 – 4 by not lacing here to allow the foot to flex comfortably (follow our video guide here)
  • Narrow Heel – To achieve better grip around the heel, use a racer’s lock or ‘heel lock’. This lacing technique uses the top additional set of eyelets, forming a loop on each side, then threading the opposite lace through.
shoe lacing guide for runners and walkers

Extra blister precautions

Of course, even with the best fitting shoes, technical socks and precise lacing, blisters can still happen. It is wise to take extra precautions, particularly when you are undertaking an extra long running or walking event. Ensure you have packed extra socks, antiseptic wipes and blister tape (check our blister taping guide here). Also, build up the mileage sensibly by following a training plan. Treatments such as zinc sulphate, surgical spirit or a potassium permanganate foot bath can also help to toughen up the feet in preparation.


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