Interview with super league netball player Mikki Austin -

We caught up with her as the netball season comes to a close to find out what new coaching venture she has upcoming.

So Mikki, what made you want to start this new venture?
The Mikki Austin Netball Academy (MANA) has been in the workings for about a year now, as well as playing to the highest level I also have a secondary passion for coaching. It’s what I do every day and I absolutely love helping girls develop their skills and I guess being a bit of an inspiration to them.

Why are you passionate about coaching?
I have such a passion for coaching as I know how much I respect and are in debt to some of my netball coaches growing up – I’ve been lucky enough to be coached by some of the best netball brains this country has to offer! I’d like to think I’ve taken on board everything they’ve taught me and I’d love to have the same impact on a future budding netball star.

When will these workshops take place?
The first Mikki Austin Netball Academy will take place on 30th August 9-4pm in Dartford. The day is split in two 9-12pm Attacking workshop and 1-4pm Defensive workshop, girls can either book onto 1 session or both!

Are they open to everyone, who is the focus?
MANA is open to experienced level netballers from ages 13-17 – ideally for girls who aspire to be a super league netballer or to represent their country one day.

If you had to summarise in a few words the key attributes you hope to develop in a coach, what would they be?
I guess my style of coaching is all about smarts – yes you need to have all the physical skills to be a good netballer but I believe what makes you great is the ability to use your brain. I don’t think we get taught how to do that on a netball court until you hit Superleague level – so I am trying to instil that into the younger generation and hopefully give them a head start.



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