Novak Djokovic insists on insoles for tennis shoes -

Many tennis players will already be aware of the benefits of using custom insoles for tennis shoes.

Djokovic values his tennis shoe insoles
We recently spotted this video on YouTube, which shows Novak Djokovic carefully removing his insoles before throwing his shoes into the crowd at the Australian Open in 2011.

Biomechanical Assessment
The video was posted by a Profeet-equivalent in Israel, called Tamir Kfir.

It shows some of the analysis of Djokovic by them – similar to the biomechanical assessment we do at Profeet.

Clearly, it made a big impression on Djokovic. And it can for you too – simply get in contact with our team and we can arrange an appointment for you to get up to Grand Slam standards.

Come to us for your ski boots, Novak…!


We recently read that Djokovic loves skiing when he’s not playing tennis.


If you happen to be reading this Novak – and you want ski boots as comfortable as your tennis shoes – then please just give us a call on 020 7736 0046.

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