Profeet Ambassador Natalie Lawrence takes the lead at RTTS 2022 – Day 2 -
Natalie Lawrence

Race to the stones
Profeet Ambassador Natalie Lawrence is an active and very successful participant on the triathlon scene with a glowing track record. As a former Team GB athlete, she certainly has form, but now as a mother of 4 young children she juggles family life, her fitness training business alongside competing – and winning races – impressive stuff!

Following her successful win in the Race to the Stones Day 1 event in 2021, Natalie was keen to try the Day 2 course. Here’s her report:

Race to the Stones Day 2 – 50km

Well, sort of to the Stones… a little to the left and into a farm instead, due to a last minute decision by National Heritage to prevent footfall into the location itself. Naturally the decision came with a mixed response by participants, but it is also a place of natural beauty afterall, and we need to respect their decision to preserve the Stones for the future.


This year, the Day 1 event had shown an increase in DNF due to the heatwave we were experiencing over the weekend, so it was naturally a worry for those doing the second day as to how we could get through the heat and the course as safely as possible.

Beating the heat

Towards the evening of Saturday (the night before) – we all received a late text to say that the organisers were going to move the rolling start times to 5am, an hour earlier than scheduled, as a way for those who would be out longest to try and ‘beat the heat’.

A very wise idea indeed and I believe it was for the did benefit many.

However, for myself and my young family, who were due to leave Weymouth at 3am on the Sunday morning to make the 6am start time, to move it even earlier did not to suit us so well unfortunately! Being in the first/faster wave: I was naturally quite anxious to ensure I was still in with a chance to finish in the top 3 despite the hour change.

Race to the stones map

The course

The Ridgeway course is absolutely stunning – if rather undulating. Fortunately, the ground was solid throughout, which meant that it was ideal conditions for me to test out my Adidas Adizero Boston carbon fibre trainers on a rougher terrain.

From completing the RTTS Day 1 event last time, personally, I do think that the terrain and the inclines on day 2 are a little ‘tamer’ and more undulating than steep in sections. From learning the hard way back in 2019, pacing and fuelling is EVERYTHING! The words “tortoise and the hare” spring to mind.

I wore a Camel backpack which holds 5 litres of fluids and also has plenty of pockets for your phone, gels, snacks galore. And the beauty is – the more you drink – the lighter the load gets.


I was pretty surprised (but secretly hoping) to find I was in top three contenders out of the women. To find I was the fastest female across the line by half an hour and third fastest participant overall in Day 2 results was absolutely awesome!

Usually, Threshold events reward “first male or female across the line” regardless of time overall, which on the day, due to the time change, I was not. However, they were kind enough to award me with a “Fastest Female of Day 2” trophy instead.

So, I now am the proud owner of both Fastest Female Day 1 (2021) and Day 2 (2022)!!

Thank you Threshold!

Will I do the whole 100km…?

I’m not wholly sure that my body will be able to sustain that – but never say never hey!?

Race to the Stones

The Shoes Review: Adidas Adizero Boston

The Adidzero Boston 10 are a great support trainer for both a short race perceptive and also for a more supportive longer run/ run session shoe.

They have carbon fibre rods within the sole of the shoe which provides a greater response off of the ground upon impact, as well as allowing a springier stride with lower impulsive reactions from harder surfaces.

Adidas Adizero Boston Women
Adidas Adizero Boston Mens

I would say that they worked well also as a terrain shoe because of their stability – they are a wider-based shoe compared to something like the Nike Alphaflys, which would not hold up well over off-road terrain.

They are a carbon-based trainer and weightier than others that are on the market currently: I would personally suggest that for anything 10km plus, an edgier and lighter carbon trainer would give you greater gains – HOWEVER; it is a really comfortable, supportive & sturdy overall trainer for longer training runs, intervals long runs and even for short periods such as a Parkrun.

They’re much more affordable for a carbon shoe versus other brands currently in the market such as the Nikes and ASICS equivalents too which is appealing. Plus, they come in pretty vibrant colours to stand out with.


A BIG thanks again to the constant support I get as an ambassador of Profeet with my insoles which keep my feet happy and injury-free. Without the custom insoles I would not be able to achieve half of what I have done and will do in the future, for sure.

And thank you Natalie for sharing your adventures with us. It’s always interesting and informative to get the low-down from an experienced runner, and a Fastest Female, Day 2 is an excellent outcome.


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