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Dan from the Profeet Run Lab will be running the 100km ultramarathon Race To The Stones this summer. He will be blogging along the way to let us know how his preparations are going as he moves from ultra running ‘zero to hero’.

6th February 2015: 156 days to go
This was the day I started training for my first ultra-marathon, the Race to the Stones. So far, I have been a recreational fitness enthusiast, a ‘Jack of all trades”, but never focused on one sport or activity. My finest running achievement to date was completing the Great North Run in 2010 with a time of 1:53:19 and after that I could barely walk!

Through my work with Profeet I have assessed and fit shoes for many long distance runners and ultra-athletes, but previously never been able to empathise with the physical and emotional demands of such a race, so my race experience will be valuable.

When the idea first cropped up, I was excited at the thought of testing myself and going beyond my comfort zone. Then I had the realisation that my second half marathon and my first marathon are both going to be training runs for a bigger goal!

Now on with the training, so I can tell you all about my journey.

15th April 2015: 85 days to go
Two months into my training, the biggest adjustment to daily life is keeping up the regularity of training and balancing that with appropriate recovery.

I am lucky that my commute to work is 17 kms, so that has become my training.  I can economise my time with this ‘commuter training’, and it’s a good way to keep my social life (and marriage!) intact.

My biggest shock in the first few weeks of training was the interval or speed sessions. I had become accustomed to plodding along and varying duration, but having to change your leg speed mid-way through a run is brutal. The fatigue build-up and tightness in my muscles was significant.

That’s where working alongside Sport Massage Therapists at Profeet comes in handy. Like most people I’m not the most disciplined at stretching or self-massage, but for maintenance it really helps me to keep going day after day.

Here is a sample of my recent training:

Long Run – 50mins steady, 10mins at half marathon pace
Speed Run – 10min warm up, 3x5min intervals at 10k pace (60sec recovery), 8min cool down
Tempo Run – 10min warm up, 3x7min at half marathon pace (2min recovery), 8min cool down
Cycle Commute – 17km one way totalling 68km for a week
Swim – 30-45min

Dan is competing in Race To The Stones on 11 July – Profeet is a partner of Race To The Stones.

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