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run 2023

Welcome to 2023. A new year beckons and with it the fresh incentive to either get fitter – or maybe take on a challenge to drive your commitment.

Running is truly a great fitness tool…
…you can pretty much do it anywhere and all you need is a decent pair of shoes and a bit of a plan. Whether you have a field behind your back garden, a local river run or scenic route, a well-trodden street circuit or a local gym, running is right at your fingertips – the World over.

Beginning: 3K – 5K

If you’re new to running or rusty, always start back at the beginning with the simple run/walk build up approach. The Couch to 5K app is a wonderful thing and completely free. Follow the stage-by-stage programme or just focus on steadily increasing the length and frequency of your run, making sure to warm up with a brisk walk, and warm down with some basic stretches.

Outcome: Begin to notice the feel-good endorphins after each run! It’ll keep you coming back for more.

Advancing: 5K – 10K

Once you’ve got 5K under your belt and can comfortably achieve that on a consistent basis you can either work on decreasing the time taken to cover 5K or start gradually extending your run to increase to 10K distance. It’s worth including some interval training, tempo runs or speedwork to build up to this next distance. You might consider Parkrun to give you a sense of pace, or joining a running club to help with the broader activity. Try some run-specific socks, our customers swear by them.

Your reward: You’re starting to feel pretty fit and are lighter on your feet than before!

Custom Insoles – we think you’ll appreciate these!

Getting serious: 10K to Half Marathon

If you’ve advanced to 10K without any hiccups, then the next milestone is the Half Marathon. It’s quite a big step up so you could consider personal coaching or look online for a training plan to help you progress. You might choose to invest in a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor and useful stats to help monitor your fitness more specifically. The aim again is to increase distance, build stamina and run consistently through the week. You should consider Sports Analysis, Custom Insoles and Custom-fitted footwear for improved comfort and performance. (See Run Lab)

Gains: You’re starting to feel like an athlete with a solid regular training pattern and a strong, healthy pair of legs.

Serious: Marathon

At this level, you will be a frequent and competent runner (hopefully). Many people start to get into the detail of hydration, nutrition and what happens to your body metabolically at this level. It’s all about endurance and you will be aiming to work on increasing your lactate absorption levels for example, and exploring more sophisticated training techniques to support this –  alongside your daily and weekly runs. Custom insoles are a must!

Awards: Complete a marathon and you know you’re up there with the elite. Enjoy that finishers medal and keep on running…

Slightly crazy: Ultra marathon

Got the running bug? Find that you can just keep on running?
An ultra is as much about mental endurance as physical endurance so you might like to look at mindfulness techniques or read Team GB Runner, UTMB finisher and Profeet Ambassador, Robbie Britton’s book! The right kit becomes more and more important as does understanding your own biomechanics. Try MotionMetrix for the ultimate 3D analysis and a deep dive into the nuances of your movement patterns. Get to grips with the marginal gains.

Wins: If you’ve reached this level of fitness, you’re in a very small minority indeed – round of applause.

Crazy: Marathon Des Sables

Only for the most sturdy and hardened, the Marathon Des Sables is considered the hardest foot race on the planet. 5 days trekking across the Moroccan Desert in searing heat is enough to test even the most (fool) hardy of dogged and determined adventurer. Hydration is absolutely key here and you can pick up some serious tips from the Ultra of Ultrarunners, Rory Coleman.

Success: Taking home a finisher’s medal from the MDS is the pinnacle of running achievement, just ask Profeet Ambassador Pierre Meslet. Our congratulations – you’ll be thanking your Profeet Custom insoles too!

Go forth and run … and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


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