What are running insoles, and why should you choose them? -

Richard Felton, Run Manager at Profeet explains how and why we create custom running insoles for our customers.


The right footwear is only half the solution – a custom running insole personalises your footwear to match your foot:

Profeet use thermo-moulding technology, where the actual insoles is completely custom-moulded to the foot.  We do this as it allows insoles to be a little more flexible, a little more dynamic for the foot, as opposed to using rigid hard materials which wedge the foot into an awkward position.


To start, we take a mould of your foot. We then lay the insole in, heat it up and it will take the shape we’ve created, so we’re looking to put your foot into its most optimal position.



Once the insoles are made, it will feel natural as well as allowing the foot still do some some work, while providing the support it needs to.


Once we have the shape we can put different materials on the bottom in the places that need it.


A Profeet running insole can help prevent injuries in three key areas:


1. Force transfer – rather than having an area with high force, we spread it out throughout the foot

2. Proprioception is important, so we can give more contact to the foot and more feedback into the system.

3. Timing – we can ensure the foot is working consistently

Article by Iain Martin

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