What is ski boot fitting and what can I expect from a boot-fitting appointment? -

When you book a ski boot fitting appointment, the level of analysis and service is going to vary greatly depending on the store you are visiting and the experience of the boot fitter.

Visit a reputable boot fitter
To enable you to have the best skiing experience possible I would highly encourage you to spend the time and money initially with a reputable boot fitter who will put you in the correct size and shape boot for your foot and carry out any necessary custom work to prevent you getting problems.

Your feet will be thankful for it and you will certainly end up paying less than the costs for adjustments, if not new boots.

Detailed Foot analysis
When you arrive for your boot fit, your boot fitter will ask a series of questions to help determine the type of boot that will suit your needs.  These will include – the level of skier you are, if you have any injuries/problems that may affect the boot fit, how regularly you ski etc.

Then an extensive foot analysis will be carried out to measure length and width, check dorsiflexion (ankle flexion), observing instep height, heel width, leg shape and noting anything else that may affect the fit.

Boot selection and fitting 
The boot fitter will be able to use his knowledge of shell lasts to narrow down the boot selection to two or three models which will best suit your foot.

After checking your foot in the shell to ensure it is the correct size and shape, you will then need to try them on to find the one that gives a snug, even fit around the foot.

Insoles and liners
Once the boot has been selected, the boot fitter will discuss options to replace the insole in the boots which always comes flat and doesn’t offer any support.

It is highly recommended to replace this with a custom footbed which will even out pressure under the foot, eliminating hot spots and making it more comfortable.  By filling all the voids around the foot, it will also enable you to have more control when skiing.

If you felt any pressure points from the boot, the boot fitter will now be able to carry out any shell modifications by stretching or grinding the plastic so that it better matches the shape of your foot.

Most liners can also be heat moulded to help with the initial break-in period. You’ve also always got the option to upgrade the liner, which is particularly beneficial if you ski regularly or have specific fit issues.

Happy, comfortable skiing
At the end of the fit the cuff alignment should always be checked to ensure you are central in the boot, so skiing becomes as efficient as possible.

That’s it, you’re all set for happy, comfortable skiing.

If you’d like to secure that for your feet, then please contact the Profeet Ski Lab on 020 7736 0046 to make an appointment.

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