What is the best way to store ski boots? -

Whenever you are planning to store your boots whether it is overnight or through the whole summer there are some definite Do’s and Don’ts!

Make sure you always re-buckle your boots
This is very important, specifically around the cuff, so that the boot keeps its shape. If you leave the boots unbuckled, the cuff will start to straighten making it increasingly hard for it to wrap again.

Before you buckle ensure that the tongue is sitting in place and that the plastics overlap correctly to avoid creating an

Dry out the liners
It is important to dry the liners out before putting the boots away otherwise they can stay damp. Over time this will deteriorate the liners much more quickly. They can also become very stinky rather quickly!

However, beware of hotel or chalet boot dryers. These can get very hot and will often melt or damage custom ski boot insoles and liners.

Ideally, I recommend you purchase an individual boot dryer. These are not expensive and only get ‘warm’ – rather than ‘hot’ – to avoid causing any damage.

Store at room temperature
Ski boots should be stored at room temperature when not in use, avoiding any extreme heat or cold.  If dampness or humidity gets into the liners it will give the materials the chance to break down more quickly.

And if the boot has been customised and the plastic has been stretched, then high temperatures may cause the stretches to retract to its original shape.

Check the soles
Before putting your boots into storage make sure you check the soles for excessive wear. If the soles become too worn, they can become too thin for the bindings and affect the release settings.

Many modern boots have replaceable toes and heels so you can order replacements but if your boots just have a solid sole, it may be time for a new pair of boots!

Check the tension
Another good habit to get into is to check the tension on the screws on your ski boot. These can wear loose over time, especially the large cuff and cant screws. If you do notice a screw coming loose, use the appropriate Allen key or screwdriver to securely fasten these.

The way to ensure you have the best fit possible in your ski boots is to go to a professional ski boot fitter such as the qualified ski technicians at Profeet.

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A version of this article first appeared in Fall Line Magazine, where Profeet’s Ski Manager, Janine Winter, is the Fall Line ‘Boot Doctor’.


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