Who needs custom footbeds for ski boots and what do they do? -

Profeet’s Ski Manager answers the big questions. This week we look at ‘Who needs custom footbeds and what do they do?’:

Everybody can benefit from a custom footbed to improve comfort and performance.
They stabilise and support the foot in a neutral position, not allowing excessive pronation or supination which is where you can see the problems develop.
They stabilise
By taking a mould of the foot in a neutral position we fill the arch and therefore evenly distribute weight across the whole foot.

foot scan - custom footbeds

Typically the foot carries a lot of weight through the heel and under the metatarsal heads (ball of the foot) so these can be hotspots for a lot of people when skiing.

By distributing this pressure we alleviate those areas and can modify the footbed further if necessary.  By filling the arch and creating a heel cup we are filling all the voids around the foot so when a movement is made it is instantly transferred to the ski, therefore increasing control and performance.

custom footbeds

By stabilising the ankle we are also improving their overall alignment.  So essentially the footbed improves overall fit and control when skiing, preventing problematic areas developing.

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