New Ultracam Ski Boot Stretcher comes to Profeet -

The Perfect Fit is always our goal at Profeet and the latest addition to our team to help achieve this is the latest in ski boot fitting technology – a Wintersteiger Ultracam Universal.

Precise, distortion-free ski boot stretching
Although he looks a little like ‘Robbie the Robot’, the Ultracam allows for very precise, distortion-free stretching of a ski boot – removing any pressure points without any marks on the outside of your boot.

Allied to our biomechanical analysis and custom insoles, we can now adjust any boot to a fine degree.

This newest model makes it far more easy to stretch the toe box of a boot. For width, even a large amount of extra width stretching won’t lower the instep height as much as other equipment does.

The stretching clog can have small attachments put on for more precise stretches, while the two metal rods can also be used to heat the shell internally (so there’s no need to use a heat gun).

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