Should my ski boots give me pain? -

Profeet’s Ski Manager answers the big questions:
This week we look at ‘Should my ski boots give me pain?’

Answer: You should no longer have to ski in pain…’
Bootfitting skills and technologies have improved so much over the years that you should no longer have to ski in pain.

Ensure your boot is the correct size and shape for you
Primarily it comes down to ensuring your boot is the correct size boot and shape for your foot.

It is essential in any ski boot that we build a foundation to stabilise the foot and distribute pressure.

custom footbeds

Without creating this foundation you are open to potential problems, which is why we build a custom footbed for all of our bootfits.

Pressure points under the foot can be solved by the footbed alone or making modifications depending on the need.

Then the boot can be adapted…
Once the foot is stable we can then adapt the boots by stretching and grinding shells to allow space for bone spurs or prominent points which would otherwise become painful with pressure.

Ankle flexion
Ankle flexion (dorsiflexion) is extremely important to be able to effectively flex a boot, so if there is a limitation there we must compensate for it in the fit to prevent referred problems.

So now we have the tools and the skills available to be able to fix any problem in a ski boot.
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