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If you, like me, are a keen walker and enjoy a good ramble around the UK countryside or perhaps something steeper and more challenging, then you’ll know the importance of choosing the right kit.

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Choosing your kit

Over time, you’ve probably refined your walking kit itinerary to include at least: a decent Gore-Tex jacket, just the right sized backpack to carry your essentials, a personalised water bottle (we’re spoilt for choice these days) and probably some good quality socks…because you can never underestimate the importance of proper walking socks! Getting the basics right makes a world of difference to your day – you can breathe in the air and take in the scenery without a worry.

Common problems

But, if there’s one thing that can cause misery and spoil your enjoyment, it’s poor footwear. It inevitably gives rise to a myriad of problems from …

  • Blisters – and, worst case, they can be surprisingly debilitating
  • Arch pain – plantar fasciitis can be treated with the right support
  • Sprained or twisted ankles – who hasn’t rolled over their ankle on rocky ground or shale?
  • Sore knees – knee pain is a biggie and may be felt front, side, rear, above and below the kneecap
  • Hip pain and ITB syndrome – tight muscles and sore hips can slow you down
  • Lower back pain – issues from the lower body transmitting upwards

The walking boot 101

  1. Choose the right footwear

    Walking boots come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fairly lightweight ‘shoes’ that are designed for cross-terrain and agility. At the other end of the scale are sturdier, stiffer boots to provide support and stability over rougher, tougher, and steeper landscapes. Plus, there many different styles in between. We can guide you to choose the right shoe for you.


  2. The Profeet custom fit solution

    You can’t get better than a Profeet custom fit (we’re being modest here). Whatever your footwear preference and whatever your preferred terrain, Profeet custom insoles will tailor your shoes or boots to your feet, your foot type and your gait style, for a bespoke fit.

    Q&A, foot scanning, gait analysis and evaluation

    Your Profeet visit begins with a personal assessment with one of our qualified biomechanists in our purpose-designed Fulham Lab. We’ll start by asking you about where you like to walk, what kind of terrain you enjoy, and where you’ve travelled – home and abroad.

    We’ll discuss any issues you may be experiencing which might be:

    • Toe pain
    • Foot pain
    • Blisters and rubbing
    • Ankle pain and sprains
    • Knee pain
    • Hip pain
    • Lower back pain

    … and whole range of other niggles that we commonly see and can address.

    Dynamic foot scanning

    Walk over our foot pressure scanner and it will reveal a host of secrets about your feet. Specialist software records the individual shape of your feet, arch type, and what is happening dynamically from the moment your heel strikes the ground until the last toe leaves the surface.

    Video gait analysis

    Our high-spec treadmills with HD cameras record your walking pattern in pin-sharp detail. Played back in slo-mo we can observe every nuance of your gait style and spot the giveaway signs that can lead to problems and discomfort including the extent of pronation, supination, of your ankles, the degree of hip-drop, and more.

    Video gait analysis

  3. Custom insoles

    Armed with this data and information, we can specify the ideal custom insole for you, to deliver:

    • Increased cushioning – for comfort
    • Better support – for your feet, ankles, knees and upwards
    • Personalised stability control – hold your ground when you’re tackling uneven terrain
    • Shock absorption – to reduce fatigue and protect your joints
    • Guidance – optimise your stride path from heel-strike to toe-off
    • Propulsion – for that extra spring in your step
Custom insoles


Fit Guarantee

What’s more, our insoles come with a Fit Guarantee. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with your new purchase, but if you need adjustments, you can book a follow up appointment free of charge. We’re here to find solutions, so your feedback is important, and we’ll work with you to get the optimum result from your Profeet Custom Fit.


Happy walking!

The personalised fit provided by Profeet custom insoles will make a significant difference to your walking and hiking enjoyment: comfortable feet, increased endurance, improved performance, and better protection against injury – just some of the reasons to go ahead and book that appointment at the Lab.

You can look forward to taking on the hills, trails and mountains knowing that your feet are in the best possible footwear.

Thousands of runners, walkers, hikers, and all kinds of sports people have passed through our Lab for over 20 years and benefitted from Profeet’s custom insoles.



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