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September 12, 2019

100-mile world record is finally broken by Zach Bitter

Zach Bitter
2 weeks ago, Zach Bitter shocked the running community by breaking the world record for the fastest time to run 100 miles. He completed the astonishing feat in 11 hours 19minutes and 13 seconds!
Broken into timings it sounds even more incredible:

  • 6:37 minute miles or 4:07 minute kilometres.
  • 4 sub 3-hour marathons in a row.
  • 443m of track he ran around constantly- 363 laps!

Not only did he break one world record that day. He also beat the record for the furthest distance run in 12 hrs. Yes, after Zach had achieved the record for 100miles, he kept on running! Admittedly at a slower pace, but he continued for a further 40 minutes and recorded another new world record of 104.8 miles in 12 hours.
He fuelled the entirety of the run with Liquid fuelling combining Xendurance for electrolytes and salt, a herb tea which he used for probiotic benefit as well as caffeine. He stated that

“The day and my fuel strategy went perfectly”.

One of his main reasons for even attempting such a record was how he enjoyed seeing just how long and fast the human body can go!
Zach Bitter
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