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Wimbledon is just around the corner; the sun is shining, and the tennis season is in full swing!

If you’re a club tennis player you’re probably looking forward to, and busy preparing for a summer of tournaments. Singles face-offs, doubles matches, charity games, local team challenges, or perhaps just a Sunday afternoon knock around with family and friends, tennis is the quintessential social sport, and a very British pastime.

Investing in your sport

If you’re committed to the game and have invested in a decent racket, restocked your supply of Slazenger balls, signed up to a club or even done the ultimate and built your own court, then you really should complete your itinerary by visiting Profeet for the ultimate in custom fitted tennis shoes.

Analysis and observation

We start by looking at your feet, your stance, and the alignment of you lower body. A dynamic foot scan and high-spec treadmill with high-definition video cameras provide feedback on how your body is moving in action. This information reveals imbalances and weaknesses that can be pinpointed and addressed to improve your game. You get a much better sense of your own body and what you’re capable of.

high definition video gait analysis for runner

Custom insoles – the inside story

We craft custom insoles to the shape of each foot to provide the ideal level of support, cushioning and guidance – where it’s needed. Ultimately creating a shoe fit that gives confidence during side-to-side movement, as you spring forward, and even for those fast-twitch movements that enable you to pivot and reach the ball at speed, at a stretch, even at an unexpected angle.



tennis custom insoles

The shoe fits!

When your foot is held firmly with the shoe it helps to prevent blisters, toenail damage/loss, and sore tired feet in general. Ample support under the arch plus superior cushioning and protects joints against impact and ‘ballistic’ movements. Your bespoke insoles are tailored to provide stability to help restrain over-pronation or reduce the risk of ankle roll: improving comfort, increasing performance, and helping to prevent injury.

Our custom fit solution is giving sports people of all levels that extra edge.


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